Disposer Care Plus Bleach Alternative-Kill Stink and Germs.

Have you ever been standing in your kitchen and can just smell something? After looking around for a few, you discover exactly where the “culprit” is located. The garbage disposal.

Now of course, I can understand that a disposal can get a little stinky. With the various foods we all throw down, there’s sure to have some remnants left that can cause that not so pleasant smell. The thing that I DID NOT think about was also the fact of the bacteria lurking in the disposer. It’s scary.


Disposer Care is a garbage disposer cleaner that cleans over 99.9% of odor-causing grunge that gets left behind. Germs are destined to hide in the environment. Pnemonia, food poisoning, flu…all of these bacterias can hide within our kitchen sinks.

The Disposer Care process was extremely easy. Get the water running, drop the full pack into garbage disposer, and watch as the blue foam begins to clean away the yuck. After a few minutes you are done! No scrubbing! For best results, Disposer Care recommends using this product weekly to maintain a cleaning routine and prevent build-up.

For The Love of Baby! received a sample of Disposer Care Plus Bleach Alternative to provide a review.

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  1. Those are awesome! My mom used to use them when I was growing up. If we had a garbage disposal, I would use these. Thanks for the review! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a garbage disposer, so it never dawned on me that you would need a special cleaner for them. This is good to know, my grandma has a disposer and I wonder if she knows about this stuff?

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