Dear PR Companies,

Hmm, where to start the beginning of this blog post. Looks like I might stir up some controversy either way I go! gasp With talk of PR Blackouts, the “blog world” seems to have turned into an uproar. People are in panic. But in all reality, I don’t see why.

Here are some little tidbits that might help you.

  • If you want to work with a blogger and contact them, don’t just ignore their response back. And then of course, don’t CALL THEM if you have never talked or worked with them before. That’s telemarketing not working together. You calling me telling me I really need to check something out. Um, it’s even better when I respond to your e-mail and you don’t answer back. You have officially entered my SPAM Folder.
  • If you say you’d like to send a sample, do not shoot back with “We don’t offer samples”. Then how am I going to do a product review based on what you say. Of course you are going to say the product rocks, uh you are trying to sell it.
  • When I inform you I just received the product, it’s PROBABLY going to not be up that day and written. I will send you a link when it’s done. I like to know the product is something that lasts and really is one of a kind.
  • Please use my name. I didn’t create an About Me page with JENNA for nothing.
  • Don’t spam me. Um, my blog really has nothing to do with Retirement, don’t ya think? And if you are going to send me a different press release EVERY SINGLE DAY about the same company, I’ve decided you will get an e-mail with my media kit every single day. It’s only fair.

Victoria wrote another great post with some PR Must Knows. You should check out her How to Deal With Mom Bloggers Post. It’s like she’s reading my mind 😉

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  1. LOL Too funny! You tell ’em girl!

    I am still working on my response. I just have so much to say it may end up being TWO posts!

    Oh, and The Diva interrupting my flow every two seconds is killin my mojo flow!

    I need to get me a media kit to send out when I get those annoying, “please post about my site for free” emails.

  2. Wonderful advice~

    I would add – don’t send me a fact sheet and then say in a separate email, BTW, “Can you do this promo piece and embed this video to stir up some interest BEFORE you do the actual post of the actual product review?”

    No, not going to happen on my bandwith.

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