Aubrey is Sick

Aubrey is Sick 1

Aubrey has collected the germs that her big sister had and is officially sick :(. Throughout the day, she does okay for the most part so long as I keep medicine in her. When it comes night time, it’s a whole other story.

She’s now laying on the couch next to me, after being in bed. My poor girl has been coughing to the point she wakes herself up. Everytime I see her eyes almost shut, BOOM! She coughs herself awake. It has been the gagging cough that just sounds like she can’t catch her breath. Not fun!

She and I spent the day together running some errands and just cuddling <3. Hopefully, she can feel better quick. The weather is starting to get awesome out (although the wind has been WILD) and I'd love to get into the routine of going for a walk.

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