7 Handyman Gift Ideas For The Super Dad In Your Life

7 Handyman Gift Ideas For The Super Dad In Your Life 1
7 Handyman Gift Ideas For The Super Dad In Your Life 2

Is your dad, husband, step-father or father figure a huge fan of DIY?

If so, he’s in the minority these days. In fact, most millennial men are “hopeless” at DIY, according to a survey carried about by Alarm.com.

But, even if your handyman is “hopeless,” he may wish to step up his game. After all, everyone has to start somewhere.

The same Alarm.com survey stated that most young men don’t even own handyman products. So whether your super dad needs to start his collection, or is looking to round his out, here are some of our favorite handyman gift ideas.

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1. Stepladder

Okay, this seems super basic, but not everyone even owns the bare necessities. If your man is just starting his collection, a stepladder is necessary. Heck, it might even be necessary for you to clean some of the higher corners in your home, like the ceilings and the fans.

2. Screwdriver Set with Alternating Heads

A screwdriver set with alternating heads will come in so handy that you’ll find yourself asking your man where it is on the regular.

In order to save space, you can purchase a screwdriver set that has heads you can remove and replace when you need them. This is far superior to having 25 screwdrivers sitting in your garage rusting. With these screwdrivers, you’ll change at-will and get to tackle all of the jobs that need doing.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

Your handyman can’t get much done without his favorite tunes. Listening to music with headphones can potentially be dangerous when working on a DIY project, due to the cords or being unable to hear the other sounds around you. Yet, often the speaker on the phone isn’t loud enough to hear.

Get your man around the house a Bluetooth speaker he can set up in his workshop, or wherever he goes to get his DIY on. He can easily stream from his phone, iPad or computer and listen to his favorite podcasts, music or radio shows as he works.

4. Workbench with Drawers

A workbench with a large number of drawers is essential for the serious handyman. It helps him keep track of his things, as well as gives him a place to store his smaller tools, nails, screws and other essentials for getting the job done.

In fact, a workbench is perfect for any shop, even the man who is just starting his DIY journey. This way, he’ll be able to stay organized and on top of everything in his kit.

He’ll also be able to visually see where things are, to prevent him from scrambling around looking for a random tool or screw.

A workbench also allows your man to set up shop in any room in the house. While the workbench isn’t portable once it’s inside the home, you can still place it anywhere that’s convenient for your family.

This means he can have his man-cave in the garage or spare room since it’s not built-in to the wall. This not only gives you flexibility but in the event that you move, you can take it with you.

5. Cordless Power Drill

Another DIY basic, this is essential to any man’s tool kit. But even if your dad or significant other is a seasoned DIY-er, everyone appreciates a good cordless drill. Purchase him one that doesn’t rust easily and is particularly smooth so that drilling is as easy as pie.

A newbie DIYer will be blown away by how easy it is to put furniture together with a simple cordless drill.

6. Headlamp

A headlamp is a great way to allow your DIY man to see into places that the light can’t get to. Often, especially when working with tiny objects, you’ll need a little bit of extra light to allow you to see in the inside of something, or to allow you to fix the interior. A flashlight is not practical, because he’ll need to hold it, therefore not allowing him to have both hands.

A headlamp offers a practical solution to this problem, allowing him to tackle anything he desires to get DIY-finished.

7. Portable Work Station

Sometimes, your man will need to take his DIY on the go. Whether he wants to fix up something in the backyard, a room in the house, or somewhere else altogether, some projects necessitate time away from the workbench. And when this happens, having a portable workbench to take with him wherever he needs to go is absolutely perfect.

You can find portable work stations in almost any DIY store, and they can accommodate a variety of projects. Think about what your man likes to work on most of the time or a project he’s got coming up and purchase one accordingly. He won’t be disappointed, and he’ll be pretty excited to take his DIY on the road.

More Handyman Gift Ideas

These handyman gift ideas are by no means exhaustive and are just a few things you can give your man who likes to fix it himself–or for the man who is just starting to dabble in DIY.

Giving your handyman a gift for his hobby is a fantastic way to say you love him, and that you’re paying attention to the things he likes to do.

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