Unexpected Turns and Getting Back on Track.

These past few months have been a whirlwind of one thing after the next. While it was exciting times as the twins entered preschool and we’ve been reaching HUGE milestones with their developmental delays, especially in the communication department, we have also dealt with several scary and heartbreaking events.

In October, we said goodbye to a very close old neighbor, one I looked up to much like a father. He had a long fight with pancreatic cancer. Joe is someone we all love and miss dearly.

Last year, one of Aubrey’s former classmates from preschool was diagnosed with a very aggressive brain tumor. Sweet Mira is still fighting hard but, things are not on the positive outlook of things as the tumor has grown into her brain stem. Prayers and positive thoughts for the family can be left on facebook, Support Mira.

Last week, taking the kids to school, we saw a horrible car accident. Within hours, I found out it was an old friend’s son, one I used to see regularly. River has fought very hard but the injuries from the accident have been too severe and we are saying Goodbye to another life too soon. River will live on in others as he has become an organ donor during this time.

With all of these incidents and several illnesses, etc. I have not been blogging like I much love during the Christmas season. While I have not been able to do my full traditional Christmas Gift Guide-I will be sharing all of the products over the next several weeks.

Christmas is almost here and we are excited to be sharing it with those we love. We hope your family will have an amazing Christmas and may we all prepare for 2016 with love, smiles, and goals for success and growth. We’re ready for an exciting ride with some new opportunities and hope you’ll be there with us.

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  1. It’s always tough to lose a loved one or a friend. Sorry for your losses. Here’s wishing you a Merry Christmas and hopefully the next year is better for you.

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