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My Phone Call with Ashley of Hardcore Pawn

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While many of you know, I have grown my Twitter following by interacting. It’s been slow growth to me but, it’s definitely caught the attention of several.

Since my husband and I discovered Hardcore Pawn on truTV in 2010, we’ve made a point not to miss episodes. You can’t help but laugh at some of the antics of the American Jewelry and Loan customers’ antics. When it comes to Les, Seth, and Ashley, you always know there’s something in store that’s going to leave your jaw dropping.

A few days ago, I saw Ashley from Hardcore Pawn had followed me on Twitter and sent out a tweet, I was pretty happy. As I had turned my mom into a Hardcore Pawn fan, I shared it with her as well. As I sat down from our Christmas cooking and so forth and with a new Hardcore Pawn episode coming on earlier this evening, I decided to go check Ashley’s twitter.


I figured Hey, what the heck? I RT’ed and sure enough, had a DM asking for my phone number. As I sat here wondering “Uh what do I do?” I was a bit stunned. But Ashley called and I had an actual conversation with her (although I sounded like a nervous goon, I’m sure). It definitely was an amazing “Christmas gift” and so cool to be able to talk to Ashley and talk about the little ones. Ashley’s a Mom but she’s also a strong woman who deals with ALOT inside the pawn business.

(My house is messy but hey, we’re still in the recover mode from Christmas. I couldn’t sit still!)

Hardcore Pawn is on Tuesdays at 9PM EST on truTV. You can check out PawnDetroit.com and shop American Jewelry and Loan as well (I keep watching to see if there might be something I “need” to buy for myself!)

Thank you Ashley for the phone call and proving why it’s awesome to be a Hardcore Pawn fan!

If you had the chance to ask Ashley a question, what would you ask? Do you watch Hardcore Pawn?

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  1. Joy Williams says:

    HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ashley is my favorite person on hard core pawn. I am so jealous!!

  2. That is so exciting. I don’t know who she is but I love your excitement!

  3. How awesome! I love that show and Ashley rocks!

  4. Lisa @ Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy says:

    Haven’t seen the show but this is awesome!!!

  5. How exciting is that! I’ve never watched Hard Core Pawn, but I may have to.

  6. Wow, how cool is that!

  7. How fun!! I don’t watch the show but have seen previews of it!

  8. i love this show, I got the entire family watching on xmas day at my dad’s. I hope Ash and her brother have a better relationship then what they show on TV. it breaks my heart to see so much anger and animosity.

  9. That is too funny! I watch it all the time. Ashley is definitely my favorite. A little psycho perhaps, but still my favorite. Seth is just a whiner. I’m glad to see that she is so real with her fans!

  10. That is so cool that she reached out to you. I am not sure that I have seen this show, but definitely going to keep my eye out for it now. I usually record the shows I want to watch and then watch them when the kids are asleep. I will have to set my DVR to record this one too!

  11. Richard and I love watching this show, it’s definitely interesting to see the types of people that come in. I hope the family relationship isn’t truly as stressed as it is on the show, but I can see how the business could cause it to be.

  12. Thats really cool! I love this show!!


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