Zooniwear! Mop Top Hats-Fun and Functional

Zooniwear! Mop Top Hats-Fun and Functional 1
During the winter months, it can be impossible to get Kelsie to wear a hat willingly. Luckily though, we were able to try out a hat that she wants to wear EVERYWHERE-the girl went through all of Wal-Mart with her Zooni Mop Top Hat!

These beautiful hand-knit hats are not only full of spunk and style but also fully functional to keep those little heads warm. Each of the Zooniwear! designs are 100% Unique. On the Zooni website, their inspiration is all about children.

Zooni also creates hand-knit “M’uppet Mittens” to protect those precious hands when the weather gets chilly.

“Zooni celebrates childhood — all of its individuality, laughter, and adventure! Our products protect little ones and bring smiles to all those around.

Zooni was inspired by the arrival of our own children. As moms, we are passionate about protecting our kids while simultaneously demanding quality, comfort, and style. We work tirelessly to guarantee that our accessories are functional and stylishly different.”

Zooniwear! Mop Top Hats-Fun and Functional 2

As a Mom myself, I was very impressed with the quality of Zooni’s hats. While Kelsie received the Kate’s Moss design, Aubrey was the happy recipient of Panda Monium. My girls are full of spunk and these designs were perfect for my cuties. Dad and I also agreed, these hand-knit hats were durable for Iowa weather and we had no worries about keeping ears warm with the girls Zooni Mop-Top Hats!

Zooni has my seal of approval for being fun, functional, and one of a kind!

Zooniwear! is also a Playdate Pick!

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