You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinchy Postman…

I always try to be nice. And blogging, I usually see the postal carrier or UPS/FedEx whomever on a daily basis. I am a NICE person. I say Thank you, I have small talk but I swear. He hates me. He will not talk. And now he’s apparently hungry.

(Please don’t mind how I look, the migraines are kicking my butt right now)

Steven says one of the packages that I get blogging is going to be a package from him gone postal. That’s it, he hates me because of all the packages I get. I don’t know. Freaking fracking Great.

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  1. lol!! He should be happy you’re keeping him in business!! People are so grumpy.

  2. I hate grumpy people!!! Maybe he’ll see your post and think he should be in a better mood and pack a snack next time. 😉

  3. LOL That is so funny! We have the nicest postman! Always chattin away, talkin to the kids and just nice! And I’m so sorry to say this but that cutout looks like something dirty! lmao Maybe he wasn’t hungry… 😉

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