You’re A Bad Parent if…

You're A Bad Parent if... 1

All too often (and happening more and more), I see parents on the attack…of what? Other parents. No one is a perfect parent. Why do I say that? Unless you can make every.single.other.parent. content with your decisions as a parent, you are not perfect. Sorry sunshine.

So without further ado, you are a bad parent if….

  • You let your small child drink pop.
  • You vaccinate your child.
  • You don’t vaccinate your child.
  • You let your child eat candy.
  • Smoking anywhere your child will be, smoking in front of child.
  • Circumcising your little boy.
  • NOT circumcising your little boy.
  • Giving your child a bath without checking the water temperature.
  • Letting your child stay up late without a set bedtime.
  • If you let your child eat fast food.
  • If you don’t give your breastfed baby Vitamin D drops.
  • Swearing in front of your child.
  • Yelling as a form of discipline.
  • Talking negatively about the other parent.
  • Turning your baby from rear-facing to forward-facing just because they’ve hit the one year mark.
  • Crying it out.
  • Picking your child up the second they fuss.
  • Letting your child watch television.
  • Buying child whatever they want.
  • Not letting child have what they ask for.
  • Using disposable diapers.
  • Using cloth diapers.
  • Co-sleeping.
  • Letting baby sleep alone.
  • Letting a child have a pacifier.
  • Using any laundry detergent that is not dye-free and fragrance-free.
  • Not taking your baby to the dentist at one year old.

Hopefully, you get my point. While some of these I am sure all of us agree are bad parenting moves, there’s always something that someone else is not going to agree with when it comes to your parenting. That’s the thing about parenting, no style is the same. So the next time you want to criticize a fellow parent, make sure you take a step in front of the mirror and make sure no one else might say you are a bad parent for _______. I’m sure someone out there doesn’t agree with one of your parenting decisions.

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  1. there’s always someone that knows more than you and their advice is always going to be better
    WHATEVER. We do what is best for OUR families, people need to mind their own business.

  2. Yeah, try raising a kid here in SoCal — the land of the enlightened. It’s ANNOYING. People here think you should be your child’s friend, not their parent. I have been openly criticized in public by both CHILDREN and parents for disciplining my daughter! Had I done that as a child, my father would have backhanded me. IN PUBLIC. My brother and I ended up working in law enforcement, not being pursued by them. Funny, that.

    The New Age-y parenting style only creates spoiled, entitled children who grow up to be adults who can’t survive in the real world. I even wrote a post about it a while back:

  3. Absolutely agree with you. People need to parent their own kids and stay out of other parent’s business when it comes to raising their child. I even have family members like this who try and tell me what I am doing wrong. None of their business. If they want to parent a child they need to have one of their own. Simple enough. My baby my business

  4. You’ve inspired a blog post for me with this article! Going to title it “I am the Worst Mom Ever” and explain how it is not true and how every Mom is a great Mom in their own elements 🙂 Such a good post. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  5. All you can do is the best job you CAN do for your kids. They are your children – your values are the ones you are instilling in them.

    Even though it does come from the bible, it is still appropriate:

    “Let he who be without sin cast the first stone”

    As you said, anyone who thinks they know what’s best for your child should step in front of a mirror and ask the same thing – then STEP BACK.

  6. The only thing more annoying than another parent telling you how to raise your child “right” is having someone who DOESNT have children tell you how to do it LOL My uncle – 55 years old – never married and no children – is the first to tell me how to raise my girls and handle my relationships. I appease him by pretending to listen, but ALWAYS remember to consider the source LOL

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