You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

This past month we have been chosen for a number of awesome awards! What better time to share while we are celebrating with our blog party!
We received the Brillante Weblog award from Karen at A Blog of Goodies and Trish at Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Girls!!Thanks so much for this! It’s always awesome to see people appreciating what you do right?

You Like Me, You Really Like Me! 1

Here is how the Brilliant Weblog Award works . . .The person giving the award chooses blogs that they consider brilliant in their content or design. In return, the recipient is expected to choose a minimum of seven blogs that they like. They leave comments on these blogs to notify the winners. They then post about receiving the award on their blog (like this) and list their choices with links. They also include a mention of whom they received the award and include a link. Pictures are great, but not necessary.

Here are the 7 “brilliant” blogs to which I would like to pass this award along:
1)Jen at Keep it Classy!
3)Melissa at Blog, What Blog?
4)Leslie at Leslie’s Life
5) Paige at Nurse Mommy
6)Tiffany at Wright Writes
7)Ashley at From A To Z

The next award we received was from Bridgette at The Not-So-Blog Blog!

You Like Me, You Really Like Me! 2

Now for the seven blogs I love!

1. Pauline at Berrie Sweet Picks

2. Pamela at PMKU

3. The Tattooed Mama

4.Cheryl at The Daily Blonde

5.Nicki at Forever Young Family

6. Ryann at A working blogging Mommy

7. Jess at Nothing But PURPLE

The next award we received from Pamela at Happy Panda Baby was the Kreativ Blogger Award!
You Like Me, You Really Like Me! 3
The Rules…. list 6 things that make you happy then pass this award on to 6 people to make them happy!!!
1.) Meeting new bloggers!
2.) Kelsie and Aubrey of course!
3.) Getting the chance to check out new products and host giveaways for my readers
4.) Learning. You can never learn enough.
5.) Winning giveaways!
6.) I agree with Pamela….SLEEP!
The 6 creative bloggers that I want to pass this award onto are:
3. Cat at 3 Kids and Us
6.Bridgette at The Not-So-Blog Blog

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  1. Thanks! I will post this today…and if I get delayed because I can’t stop twittering I will be sure to post it tomorrow…..procrastination is my middle name!!
    You’re awesome

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