#WWEMoms talk WWE Divas November 19th 1PM EST Twitter Party!

#WWEMoms talk WWE Divas November 19th 1PM EST Twitter Party! 1

As a mother of two little girls that love the WWE, I know my little girls look up to the WWE Divas. This set of women have a lot of role model power that I would love to see more of.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the Divas help in various social good campaigns including, Be a STAR, Make-A-Wish, or Tribute to the Troops. These women have strength, beauty, and brains all wrapped into one. There has always been some controversy on how the Divas are presented and I can admit, I’d like to see these women showing their true strength and power.

#WWEMoms talk WWE Divas November 19th 1PM EST Twitter Party! 2If I was to pick a favorite WWE Diva, I think I would have to go with Alicia Fox. For anyone that follows Alicia on Twitter, you will see a pattern in various tweets helping charities and more. During the Social Good Summit, Alicia Fox joined Stephanie McMahon and Layla to announce the WWE Partnership with Nothing But Nets, to raise awareness to help fight malaria. Alicia Fox has continued to show her support of using her star power to help make a difference in the world and this is why I pick her as my favorite WWE Diva.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 19th at 1PM EST, join the #WWEMoms as we discuss the WWE Divas!

Who: The @WWEmoms : @lisasamples, @RachelFerrucci, @wrestlingaddict, @SoberJulie, @Skconcepts,@MommyJenna@JanetGoingCrazy and @TheOnlineMom

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How do YOU feel about the WWE Divas?


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  1. I am sure my son could speak to the Divas more than myself considering he is hardcore about wrestling but from what I have seen watching it with him I do enjoying watching the Divas. I don’t have a favorite but that is only because I don’t know who all of them are.

  2. I think that the Divas should be admired for entering a male dominated world of wrestling.

  3. I love the WWE Divas. They are proving that they can do the same things men can do. Wrestling is not a one gender sport! Power to all the Divas. They rock!

  4. Who doesnt like the Divas. I have tons of respect for them, because I think they have to go through a lot more then the men do to prove that they are worthy. I think they work and train harder then any of the men. They have more of my respect than anyone else in WWE.

  5. I love the divas and would love to see them have better matches that last longer than 2 minutes.

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