WWE joins Bedrock with Stone Age Smackdown #WWEMoms

WWE joins Bedrock with Stone Age Smackdown #WWEMoms 1

WWE has met The Flintstones in the newly released WWE The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown


I remember watching The Flintstones as a kid and now, I get to enjoy The Flintstones and our favorite WWE characters as cartoons. Of course, Fred Flintstone is getting himself in the trouble from the start with his antics. Joining Fred and the rest of the Flintstone crew include, John Cenastone, Marble Henry, C.M. Punk Rock, Mr. McMagma and more.

As Fred and Barney enter the ring with our favorite WWE Superstars, you are guaranteed to get some laughs, especially seeing Fred act as a Ring Promoter. (not exactly a Paul Heyman, for sure)

You’ll find yourself laughing as the Boulder twins go running from Wilma and Betty.

Our kids got plenty of laughs watching John Cena as a cartoon character and it’s a movie we’ve watched several times since receiving. As a WWEMom, this is just another source of entertainment I can enjoy with my family and know they will love.

What are you waiting on? Get out there and into the ring with WWE The Flintstones and WWE Stone Age Smackdown

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