WordPress Plug-Ins You Must Check Out.

I never thought I would see so many options to add to a blog. You can control ANYTHING you want to see with a WordPress PlugIn. Want your posts to show up on Twitter? Got a plugin for that. Want to see where plugyour visitors are from? Oh wait, there’s a plugin for that.

You name it, you can find a plug-in for it. Here is just a small list of some of the many plugins that caught my eye while adding to For The Love of Baby!

*TwitMe is great for any WordPress user who uses the Twitter App to network. By installing the TwitMe app, whenever you create a blog post, TwitMe will send a post to Twitter (It’s likely several of you came to this post based on this plugin)

*Broken Link Checker No one likes clicking on a link to find out that hey, there’s nothing there. With the broken link checker, it will search your site to ensure all links are working. Big plus for those who have transferred their blogs.

*All In One SEO Pack is an excellent tool to help with search engine optimization.

*Greg’s Threaded Comment Numbering If you host giveaways, I’m sure you know how much of a ain it can be to get the number when you don’t have numbered comments. This plugin will number the comments so once you pull that winner, you can go straight to that post.

*Contextual Related Posts This is perfect for visitors to your blog to be able to check out posts that are similar or related to the post they are currently reading on your blog. This plugin picks up posts that are alike and then lists these posts at the end of the blog entry.

*Thank Me Later Ever wish you had the chance to actually thank your visitors? With Thank Me Later, you can send a customizable message to anyone who has posted a comment on your post.

This is a SMALL list compared to the many many plug-ins out there. I’d be interested to know, What plug-ins for WordPress do you consider a Must-Have?

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  1. Oh thanks for the reminder about the thanks me later, I completely forgot about installing that one.

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