Wordless Wednesday:Strawberry Milk

Wordless Wednesday:Strawberry Milk 1


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  1. Wow, she looks entranced, lol! Even strawberry milk does a body good ;D

  2. If we pass the fruit pouches and DS is with me- I HAVE to give him one. If not he will have a total meltdown LOL. Atleast he loves healthy foods so I guess I should complain.

    I hope she enjoyed her strawberry milk.

  3. What a good mom to buckle her all in.. I was terrible at that when my kids were little. love Strawberry milk!

  4. So cute… she can’t wait to get home and drink it.
    I was always a chocolate milk drinker, never really liked strawberry milk.
    Such a great treat to give to kids.
    Have a great week.

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