Wordless Wednesday:Sick Babies =(

Wordless Wednesday:Sick Babies =( 1

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Well, Nathan and Lucas are now both sick. Nathan was in the ER over the weekend and now both have the fevers to go with it. =( It’s no fun having one baby sick but when there’s two, it’s even worse. I really hope I don’t get sick sick as we will all be in trouble. Downing the Vitamin C here non-stop.

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  1. Ahhhhh, poor little babies. Sick kids are the absolute worse. I would take on one of my children’s sickness anyday.

    I really really hope they get better soon. An ER trip is not good.

    Do you let their fevers play out, or do you treat?

    Hugs to you mama! I know it’s very hard for you.

    1. I treat their fevers. No reason to let them suffer through it, especially if it gets high and puts them at even more risk

      1. I do the same thing. I treat with Tylenol until the fever breaks. It makes a world of difference.

        I hope they are healing.

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