Wordless Wednesday:Enjoying the Acreage #ww #linky

Wordless Wednesday:Enjoying the Acreage #ww #linky 1

Aubrey had fun chasing after the dogs at Grandma’s house and went for quite a stroll through the acreage.

Child Outdoors farmland Copyright Jenna Goodwin

daisies, toddler, farm, outdoors

Dogs, Toddler, outdoors, acreage, Iowa

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  1. Those pics turned out great. She looks like she is enjoying the outdoors

  2. Looks like someone is having fun! 🙂 I can’t wait to sell this house and move back to lots of acres!!

  3. Those pictures are absolutely priceless, I think the last one deserves to be framed and hung where everyone can see it.

    1. These were actually taken with my cell phone (Samsung Epic) and then in Windows Live Writer I did a re-boost on one and a sharpen on the other 🙂

        1. LOL Thank ya 🙂 Most my pics anymore are taken with that. I’ve been practicing 😉

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