Wordless Wednesday:Battle Wounds #ww #linky

Wordless Wednesday:Battle Wounds #ww #linky 1

It’s been almost a week since surgery. I still hurt like no other. The joys of recovering with four kids at home. I’m a wimp.

Wordless Wednesday:Battle Wounds #ww #linky 2
First picture right after surgery...hence my face

Quite a few people were commenting you couldn’t tell I just had twins…bet these show ya.

Wordless Wednesday:Battle Wounds #ww #linky 3

Wordless Wednesday:Battle Wounds #ww #linky 4

Yeah…I’ve got some work to do. Owie.

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  1. Ouch much? Definitely not a wimp. It’s bad enough to deal with birthing a baby, let alone twins and dealing with surgery afterwards! (((HUGS)))

  2. No, you are not a wimp!! and neither do you look like you just had twins. I sure hope you get some rest time now to recuperate for all 4 of the lovie kiddos! I did one of my infamous Ladies Room posts. trying hard to keep my humor up during rehab after my neck surgery… ughh! Hang in their , I think you are doing way better than me!

  3. Yuck and ouch! Jon’s belly looked exactly like that a few weeks ago. He finally got the stitches out but there’s these hard knots under the incisions, I don’t know if that’s permanent scar tissue or what.

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