Wordless Wednesday:Aubrey’s New Pretties #linky

Wordless Wednesday:Aubrey's New Pretties #linky 1

A little over a week ago, Steven brought up to Aubrey getting her ears pierced for Christmas. When she and I were shopping, we stopped in the mall where I used to work and she quickly was looking at earrings and finding TONS of “pretties” she wanted.

I think Mommy was more nervous than her, despite the fact I did countless amounts of piercings when I worked there. After a quick “OWIE!” and grabbing on to my neck when we were done, within a couple minutes she was high fiving and saying thank you to those that “gave her pretties”.

She’s very proud of them and has been having fun showing them off 😉

Wordless Wednesday:Aubrey's New Pretties #linky 2

Wordless Wednesday:Aubrey's New Pretties #linky 3

I can’t believe how big my little girls are getting.

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  1. What a sweetie! Avery had hers done last year but then she refused to keep earrings in and they grew in.

  2. Oh she did a good job. We won’t let Danika get hers done yet!

  3. Yes, lovely pretties. My daughter had a blast picking out lots of pretties right after she got her ears pierced too. She still loves looking at them even though she let her holes close up. Ah, well.

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