Wordless Wednesday-That Bikini Wearing…

That Bikini Wearing…Chainsaw Toting….Crazy Tattooed Mommy Blogger!

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  1. LOL, Cheryl you’re weird HA.

    Staci, they keep telling me to run the chainsaw so I finally said-“I’m blogging this”

    1. I completely cut that tree up and then had to work on an Evergreen that was taller than my Grandma’s two story house! Too bad I didn’t get the FLIP out when we pulled that thing down! It was NUTS.

  2. If I looked as good as you in a swimsuit I would be wearing one too! OMG is there anything you can’t do girl. You are so multi-talented. I don’t even know if we own a chainsaw let alone how to use one. Not to mention I don’t do an activity if it might result in me breaking a nail. Happy WW!

  3. Oh if only I looked that good in a bikini and could handle a chainsaw! lol Happy WW to ya! 🙂

  4. When you said you used a chainsaw I had no idea that you did it in a bikini…Rock on girl!!

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