Windex All-in-One Giveaway

All Moms know all about the cleaning task, am I right? Sometimes it never ends! So of course, when we come across a product that makes cleaning easier, of course we’re going to check it out and stick with it!

Windex has been a well known name in many households for years. Now I know this from personal experience, both at my apartment and my mother’s house. You get done cleaning your inside windows but um-the windows are STILL DIRTY. Now Windex has created the All-in-One Outdoor Cleaning System to make cleaning the OUTSIDE of those windows easy!

windex outdoor all in oneThe All-in-One System is easy to use and I know my mom would love using this. She lives out in the country so of course, the outside of those windows are known to get FILTHY!

With this product, all you have to do is:

SPRAY Window and Cleaning Pad with Garden Hose

WIPE Window with Cleaning Pad

RINSE Window with garden hose. No need to hand dry.

How Would You Like to Win?

THREE For The Love of Baby readers will win a Windex All-in-One Outdoor Cleaning System!

To Enter-

Leave me a comment letting me know why you need a Windex All-in-One Cleaning System.

For Additional Entries-

-Become an e-mail subcriber to For The Love of Baby-TWO ENTRIES

-Twitter about this contest once a day and you must leave a link to the Tweet.

-Add our button to your sidebar and let me know where it is located at-FIVE ENTRIES.

This Contest will End JULY 9, 2009 at 11:59 PM CST. Winners will have 48 hours from the time contacted to claim prize. Open to US Mailing Addresses.

Comments Are Now Closed.

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  1. I need the outside cleaning system because it is so hard to get to my outside windows that I just don’t do them. I would LOVE to finally be able to see!

  2. I would love this for all the outside windows around the house, we just moved to our new house and I know that this is going to be a bummer to do.

  3. I would love to win this to clean my windows. I live in two story house and I can not reach the second floor windows.

  4. I need this because I’m too short to reach my windows without the long handle.

  5. I need this because my windows outside are dirty. I have not washed them in over a year. And, I notice that a bird has flew into my window, and bird poop is splattered all over the window now! Huh!

  6. I’m single, afraid of heights, and not thinking things through, bought a two-story house. The windows weren’t very clean when I moved in 2 years ago and they aren’t getting better on their own. I’m pretty good with a garden hose so I think this would work well for me. skg(dot)teach(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. This would be great!!! Im a short woman not even 5″ tall. So, this would be perfact for me. Thanks for giving me the chance.

  8. I need a Windex All-In-One Cleaning System because my house has many windows in need of attention and I think the Windex System would motivate me to do the work.

    Thanks for the contest. Happy Fourth of July!

  9. I need a Windex All-In-One Cleaning system because I am basically lazy when it comes to window washing and this would help get me motivated!

  10. I need an outdoor cleaner for one reason: because some of my windows have not been cleaned on the outside in 15 years. And I bet I would get more light through the windows if I cleaned them.

  11. I need this because it is a terrible pain to clean all my windows since I am short and so I just put of cleaning them all together! This would provide me with some motivation!


  12. I need this as I have a bad knee and have yrouble climbing a ladder to clean windows. This would be such a help

  13. I need this because I have a bad back and won’t clean my windows because of the pain- This would definately help me!

  14. I need the Windex All-in One Cleaning System because my windows have been making snide remarks about my lack of care, my ability to keep them clean, and that they think I don’t like them! This situation must be resolved! Who knows what they will do next! 🙂

    Thank you.

  15. I need this because instead of asking my husband to do the windows outside.
    I can do it.

  16. I need this so I can actually clean my windows. They won’t get cleaned without this kit!

  17. I need this because when I look out some of my windows I think it might be raining, but often it’s not, it’s just the dirty spots on them I see. I’m not lucky enough to have those fancy windows that can be tilted in for easy cleaning.
    Thanks for having this type of form to enter your giveaways. It is nice that only can see the email addresses of those who enter. It protects us from hackers who are going to blogs to grab email addresses they see on line and use them to spam people, as well as try and pair them up with common passwords to try and gain access to private email accounts. Thank you for looking out for our safety. I wish all blog sites can these types of entry forms.

  18. I subscribe. Sorry for the end of my post above. I meant to type I wish all blog sites had these types of entry forms. I had one of those typing brain glitches and typed the word can instead of had.

  19. it is impossable to get to my outside windows so I use a hose and pray for the best this would make my day

  20. I need this to clean my 2nd story windows. My hubby usually does them, but he has been working so much that I’d like to be able to get it done myself.

  21. I have 5 dogs and the windows in my home are low to the floor – just perfect for little doggie nose and paw prints – constant battle to keep clean.

  22. I need this because I’m only 5 foot tall and I cannot reach some of my windows. I have a ranch home so this would be great because I could reach all the windows.

  23. I’d love to try this system. Our house has 28 windows, some of them quite large, and the Windex All-in-One Cleaning System would save me a lot of time!

  24. I can clean my upstairs windows on the outside because I am afraid of ladders. This would help me out.

  25. I really need to win this. We live at the back of 11 acres and dirt surrounds us every where. I also have 6 picture glass windows at the back of my home that connects to the main entrance of my home. Netherless , dirt flys in everywhere! This would be a very welcome tool to have. Thanks, A.Anderson

  26. I need this because I have really tall windows that are hard to reach but need to be cleaned.

  27. I need this because my front windows have not been washed in years. They are too high to reach without a tall ladder – which I am not a big fan of using!

  28. I have some windows that are hard to reach even with a ladder. This would certainly help. Thanks!

  29. Would like this because I might even actually wash my windows rather than just hosing them down a couple of times a year!

  30. I have a very high window in my living room and this kit will be great help. I have been triyng to win this for so long….

  31. OHHH I’ve been wanting to try this. I hate cleaning windows and this seems like it would make it so much easier! My fingers are crossed for this one!

  32. I need a Windex All-in-One Cleaning System, because I hate cleaning my outside windows standing on a chair.

  33. I have so many windows that are hard to reach. This would make it easier.

  34. Doing windows is my least favorite chore, this looks like it makes things so much easier!

  35. I’ve been wanting to clean the outside of my windows since we moved in over a year ago, it’s been too tricky though. This would make things so much easier!

  36. Because I have not cleaned the outside of my windows in ages


  37. I need this because I am tried of climbing on a ladder to wash my windows, this would make washing window so much easier.

  38. I need this because I have quite a few windows that are hard tpo reach and this would be very helpful and also the fact that you only have to rinse with the hose is fabulous.

  39. It’s pretty sad that I can’t remember the last time I cleaned the outside of my windows.

  40. My wife has been asking me to clean the windows outside and I’ve just been putting it off for ages. This would kick start my chore!

  41. I need it because I live all by myself in a house, and anything that would make cleaning easier would make me do it more often!

  42. I went out to clean the windows armed with just a couple paper towels and my Windex. I was beat, and gave up, after one window. This would help me get them all done.

  43. I live in a condo where Seagulls like to fly over leaving a mess on my windows.

  44. because I haven’t washed my windows in 2+ years.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  45. I hate to clean the outside of my windows! But it needs to be done that’s why I need this product

  46. So I can get cleaning – it’s easier to have one cleaner for basically everything.

  47. I live in a big old 2-story house that has 30 windows. It would come in very handy to do the windows!

  48. I need a Windex All-in-One Cleaning System to get rid of my excusses.

  49. I need this system because I have a lot of planters in front of the windows on my house and it is so hard to clean the windows without stepping on or squashing a plant or two.Thanks

  50. we just bought a new house & need to clean the windows!

    autumn398 @

  51. I need it because it would give me the optimum excuse to get out there and do my windows.

  52. my windows aren’t going to get cleaned unless i have an easy way to do it!

  53. We bought a foreclosed home that needs lots of TLC. The windows really need a good cleaning.

  54. I don’t have time to clean windows the old fashion way and I think this would be quick and easy!

  55. Cleaning the outside windows is one of my least favorite chores and this looks like it would make it a lot easier

  56. I would love this because I am the window cleaner and this product is absolutely the best on the market.

  57. I am very short and can’t ever reach the top of windows except with a ladder.

  58. I need this because the trees that surround my house drop the most stunning amount of yellowish pollen I’ve ever seen. My car and windows require constant cleaning!

  59. I need this cause my husband hates for me to use his ladder. and it would make cleaning alot easier.

  60. We would love to win this because we just moved from an apartment to our first house–who knows the last time the windows were cleaned?!

  61. I use coupons. Have some for the windex all in one. Still too expensive for my budget. Would love to win. Please enter me, thank you.

  62. I need this system because my windows haven’t been cleaned in years!

  63. I am short and it is hard for me to clean windows so that i why I would love to win this.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  64. I have so many windows, it takes so long to wash them.
    I think this would save a lot of time, and my windows
    would probably be a lot cleaner too!

  65. I need it because my windows are filthy and I HATE cleaning windows. This would make it so much easier that I could finally break down and do it. Thanks.

  66. there are bushes outside the windows, which means I can’t reach the outside. I look like a crazy person leaning out the window trying to get the other side clean.

  67. I need this because my boyfriend bought a house and could really use this to clean it up a little. No one has lived in the house for a year or so. The windows must be really dirty!

  68. Why? Economics & safety, to start. It’s better than spending hundreds of dollars – each – to replace our windows with the type that you can ’tilt in’ to clean… and it’s better than freaking out when my husband is standing near the top step of some ladder!

  69. I need this because, I am pretty far behind on my cleaning and this would give me the boost I need.

  70. This would making cleaning my windows so much easier

    justeve210(at)gmail (dot)com

  71. I hate washing windows – but with a Windex All-in-One I am sure my attitude towards windows will change (and the light will return into our rooms)

  72. I need a Windex All-In-One Cleaning System because I can’t climb a ladder to wash my windows.

  73. My windows need a good cleaning.I think this may me something the older kids would want to use(I can hope anyway…lol).Thanks!

  74. I need this because I have way to many windows to clean


  75. The reason I would love to win this and this for me is a must-have! is because I just can’t reach my windows and then I have to bug my husband and he is so busy that then they never get cleaned! And they really need it because they are so dirty! On top of being old windows so they are icky looking!

  76. I could REALLY use the windex cleaning system because my windows are 40+ years old and we cannot afford to replace them and also because we have lived in our home for 6 years and they have never been cleaned, THEY NEED HELP! Thanks!

  77. I need this to help me reach some windows that I can’t get to without a ladder. Thanks!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  78. I need it because I haven’t cleaned my windows since moving in. The windows are very high. This product would make cleaning them easier.

  79. I need this because my windows are high and I am short.This also looks
    pretty easy to use

  80. I need a Windex All-in-One Cleaning System because I have very dirty windows!

  81. I have a huge window at the entrance of my house…and it’s way up there. This would be a great way to safely wash it.

  82. My Mom intends to clean all the windows of her 2 story home inside & out – and guess who gets to help!