Win Your Way with @ShopYourWay #WinYourWay

Win Your Way with @ShopYourWay #WinYourWay 1

While Christmas might be over, that’s no reason to check out and enjoy great deals year round. When it comes to my shopping, especially during the Winter, shopping online saves me quite a bit.

ShopYourWay is a unique social shopping platform that allows users to shop by checking out deals and learning about products from fellow users. Share your favorite products as well as create a list of the items you want all while browsing among friends. When you make a purchase, you can earn points for discounts and prizes.winyourwaygraphic

Now, thanks to ShopYourWay, you can Win Your Way as well! Win Your Way offers ShopYourWay users constant and unique sweepstakes making it possible to earn ShopYourWay rewards points faster, or other great prizes such as trips, the chance to meet some of your favorite celebrities, or products such as a Handheld Gaming System.

One of the Win Your Way sweepstakes I decided to enter was the “Snag Your Scent”. By creating a catalog of my favorite products that had scent, I entered to win a Signature Fragrance Set. As a mom, I don’t always have the time to totally pamper myself when we’re in a rush to get out the door so being able to put on my favorite perfume is something that helps brighten my day.


 It only took a matter of minutes to create a catalog of my favorite products-candles, shampoo, and even my current perfume. I left a comment on why I was picking each as I added it to my catalog for other ShopYourWay users to check out.


The process was extremely easy before I was on to looking at even more ShopYourWay Win Your Way sweepstakes to check out. There are various sweepstakes available for 5,000 reward points up to 30,000+ reward points, just by adding products to a catalog and sharing your thoughts. Another sweepstakes I intend on entering to win a VIP trip to LA. Don’t get me wrong, I love my babies but, Mommy needs a break!

As new sweepstakes are constantly added and knowing how easy it is to enter, there’s no doubt, the Win Your Way Sweepstakes are worth checking out! No purchase necessary. See for details.

This is a sponsored post with, I am a Win Your Way blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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