Win a Year’s Supply of @TenderBelly #Bacon #HolidayGiftGuide

Win a Year's Supply of @TenderBelly #Bacon #HolidayGiftGuide 1

Bacon. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love bacon. It’s just one of those foods many love because of the many possibilities you can create. Bacon alone, Bacon in a pasta dish, Bacon on a burger, there’s even chocolate covered bacon!

Tender Belly offers consumers a wide variety of amazing pork products. The owners of Tender Belly were actually born and raised here in Iowa so, it’s no surprise they know their stuff when it comes to making high quality product for those who love pork.


Entrepreneurial fires burned in both Erik and Shannon, along with a broad set of professional skills and most importantly, a love for good, pure, clean food and making the simple things extraordinary.
In 2010 they joined forces and started Tender Belly. An immediate hit, the lure of TASTY BACON and other outstanding PORK PRODUCTS was too good for chefs to pass up.
Now Erik and Shannon would like to offer a taste of Tender Belly to individuals like you, OUR FELLOW PORK LOVERS.
We had the chance to try out two different kinds of bacon from Tender Belly and I was instantly addicted.Tender Belly Package

Tender Belly takes extra care to ensure the product arrives in best condition
Tender Belly takes extra care to ensure the product arrives in best condition
Bacon, Habanero Bacon

As you can see, there’s no added junk when it comes to Tender Belly product, they only want the best for their customers.

Tender Belly Bacon on Cheeseburger


Tender Belly Bacon

As you can see, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to bacon. Brian LOVES cooking and is constantly experimenting so he had plenty of fun playing with the Tender Belly Bacon.

We had Chicken Bacon Fettuccine Alfredo, and then another night Habanero Bacon Cheese Burgers. AMAZING. I was a bit worried about the Habanero but I love spicy. We ate that bacon on a night when all of the kids were gone and it had just the right quick. Sure enough, the next day, I snacked on the Habanero Bacon by itself and kept going back for more! It had some kick but it wasn’t too much for me.


One reader is going to be a very lucky person this Holiday Season and win a YEAR’S SUPPLY OF BACON. Valued at $295, the winner will receive 2 pounds of bacon each month for a year. (Upon winning, you will need to call Tender Belly to activate your Gift Certificate)

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  1. I LOVE bacon! We eat it on sandwiches, plain, whatever way we can get it. My favorite way to have bacon is on a burger though. I could eat that all the time!This looks like some seriously delicious bacon too! The guys would love the habanero, but I have what they call “sissy lips” lol. I’d go straight for the maple though!

  2. I love bacon and I would use it so many ways! Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. Pinterest blocked the option to pin because “it may contain inappropriate content”. lol. Yes, because we all know that a year worth of bacon is inappropriate. pfffft. xD

  4. everyone in our house loves bacon, we would do blt, potato soup, breakfast you name it! would not let me pin the image.

  5. It would get used in used in so many ways – we love bacon mac & cheese, bacon wrapped jalepeno poppers and of course bacon on sandwiches

  6. My family and I love bacon. My husband is the cook in our house and he often adds bacon into recipes. Could be pasta, eggs, omelets or even pancakes. We also enjoy it as blt sandwiches.

  7. I Love bacon! Id have it with eggs for breakfast, make BLT’s , Bacon Cheeseburgers and use it in side like mashed potatoes amd macaroni. Thx for the chance!

  8. I love to put bacon in my omelette in the morning! I also like chocolate covered bacon.

  9. I love bacon. I eat it every morning for breakfast, I cook it and add it to my salads, add it to my vegetables, put it on sandwiches. It is my opinion that you can never have to much bacon and the world would be a much better place if people would just stop arguing and fighting and enjoy more bacon.

  10. I’d give this prize to my dad! He would probably freeze a lot of it and use it when he ate burgers or holubtsi (chop meat + rice wrapped in cabbage). He’s not a fan of bacon-flavored products; he accepts no substitutes!

  11. What will I do with this bacon? I will eat it! It will be in my potato soup, in my BLT’s, and in my bacon and egg sandwiches.

  12. i would make a lot of different recipes. My family loves bacon, they would be in heaven!

  13. We love blt’s and galouskis. Bacon is one of our favorite meats and we would love this.

  14. i have no real recipe but i put bacon in everything. bacon and eggs. bacon fried rice. blt. bacon addict!

      1. The bacon gravy is made almost like sausage gravy..and you pour it over biscuits! It’s amazing!!

  15. No special recipe, but we eat bacon at least 5 days per week with breakfast and then it gets added liberally to salads for lunch and to vegetable dishes at dinner (roasted broccoli, cauliflower and brussel sprouts, baked and au gratin potatoes, etc). Plus we have to make a lot of bacon in order to have bacon grease to cook with as I don’t use vegetable oils. It’s important to me due to food allergies and other food sensitivities that the bacon not have any added nitrites or nitrates. So glad to see this product meets that criteria.

  16. We love bacon! We would have it with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We would probably just eat it as bacon itself!

  17. A years worth of bacon….pure bliss, we love bacon in our household. I love to make put bacon and avocado on my burgers.

  18. We love bacon at our home. We use it sparingly in alot of recipes to jazz them up and give them great flavor without alot of product. I would share the bacon with friends and family to let everyone in on the love.

  19. I would use the bacon for breakfast, salads, wrapping meats and appetizers. Bathe in it!!

  20. Everyone in the family loves bacon. I would use it to make bacon bits for salad, BLT, bacon and eggs and bacon wrapped hams.

  21. We usually have it as a treat every few days because it is so costly. but with this EVERY DAYY

  22. The bacon would mostly be a side dish to breakfast. We would also use the bacon for loaded potatoes, my mom’s famous breakfast souffle, and BLTs.

  23. We like to cook our bacon in the oven. That’s about the extent to a recipe. We use bacon in a lot of dishes, too. My favorite is potato skins with cheese and bacon.

  24. I would start making a lot of bacon wrapped dishes. And I would of course make bacon for breakfast. Yum!

  25. Pinterest blocked the option to pin because “it may contain inappropriate content” – who knew bacon was so inappropriate!!

  26. I would make ham and bacon omelettes, I would make bacon cheeseburgers, I would make bacon pizza and I would make bacon all the time with everything haha mmmm mac n cheese n bacon

  27. I’d like to win because I live in a bacon loving family. I don’t have a special recipe, but I do love to try other people’s recipes.

  28. Thanks for the giveaway…no signature recipes, but we enjoy bacon every Sunday @ brunch, use it in salads, BLT’s, and use it to flavor various poultry dishes i.e. bacon wrapped chicken breasts, etc. A year of your specialty bacon would be wonderful !

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