Why I Love MomDot and Everything Blogging

Blogging is a full time job. You are constantly learning something and must learn to adapt as technology is in constant change.

Luckily, as I decided to I wanted to do more with blogging, I came across a site starting new, MomDot. Trisha Haas created more than just a blog when she created MomDot, she created a COMMUNITY. I am so glad I have learned from the best and had the support to gain confidence in my abilities.

If it wasn’t for Trisha and the girls that are a part of the MomDot community, I don’t think I’d have learned half the things I know now. It gave me a resource to some of the best bloggers out there. Not only do I have a “blogging” avenue to learn but I also have a strong support.

MomDot also has assisted me with attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago with a $200 MomDot Scholarship. Trisha teamed up with a HUGE amount of generous bloggers and companies to help make it possible. Going to BlogHer is such a great opportunity and MomDot is helping make it possible.

I am looking forward to finally meeting Trisha and all the other members of MomDot at BlogHer!

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  1. I so wish I were going with you. I’ll be there in spirit, please take lots of pictures!!! Great post. 🙂 xoxo

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