Why a Home Warranty is a Must

Why a Home Warranty is a Must 1

With the growth of our family, we’ve began to talk about everything that would be involved in moving to a larger apartment or even, the move to a house. When you think about buying your first home, there are many things that go into owning a home and protecting your home.

Living in Iowa, insurance is an obvious must with severe weather. But what about everyday repairs? There’s always the chance of something happening with home appliances or repairs of other breakdowns in components of your home. The average replacement cost for a new refrigerator can cost a homeowner anywhere from $484 to $1,922! When the unexpected happens, that amount alone can put a huge strain on families.

When we do make the decision to move into a new home, I have every intention of getting a home warranty inspection to help protect our home and our finances in the event something needed repaired.  No one wants the stress of trying to get your home taken care of when it comes time for a repair or a replacement. By having a home warranty, you have a service contract to take care of what’s needed in times like this.

American Home Shield is one of the first names I think of when I think of home warranties. With over 35 years of experience helping individuals like myself worried about costly home repairs, it just makes sense.

Do you have a time when you wished you had a home warranty?

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