When a Med Runs out

When a Med Runs out 1

When I was prescribed a new muscle relaxer, Skelaxin, I was pumped for something that sounded like it would actually When a Med Runs out 2start to help.  But of course, when it came time to get it from the pharmacy- “It will need a prior authorization”. Go figure right? I mean they’ve  denied Midrin for my headaches and an abortive, they’ve denied Toradol for my pain and as a headache abortive, so of course why not deny the Skelaxin. So my doctors took a little bit of time to find some samples for me in hopes the prior authorization would be done in time that I’d be able to take the samples until they were done and I would then have a prescription I could actually fill.

The monthly prescription was to be $118 if I paid out of pocket and the generics were still $100 a month my nurse found out. And they could find no more samples.

So what are the next steps? It’s obvious my muscles have been tightening and having more spasms. I headed in to my chiropractor this morning and wow, he even had to take extra time to get my back adjusted. My hips were misaligned, I had a rib out of place (have you ever felt that being re-adjusted-wow that smarts!) and took of my normal stuff. He told me do not suffer through the weekend, if I’m sore in the morning to get myself in there and taken care of.

Now I sit and wait. My doctors said they are looking for the drug reps to get more samples for me but I ran out of this medicine yesterday. When I told my physical therapist that when the muscle in my neck is stretched the way they do, it is a sharp burning sensation, all she could tell me was “Huh, that’s weird.”

So what do I do while I wait for a miracle?

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  1. I truly feel for you as I am a chronic pain sufferer too. They don’t know what causes my muscle spasms either, but say it is some sort of genetic nerve/muscle thingy.
    I think mine may be either hematochromatosis (hemochromatosis) or adult onset Pompe’s disease (a mitrochondrial disease), but I can’t even get the Doctor’s to test me for either one.
    They wonder why some people go and seek out the Black Market for their pain control, but I understand.
    Yet, I have never done that, even though I’m expected to try and control this nonsense with Advil or Tylenol.
    The medication they finally did give me for my daily migraines can only be taken three days in any given month or it causes too much liver damage. So, you sit there and try and figure out if this headache is bad enough to take your pills that day or if you can somehow suffer through it. I mean you can only pick out three days in any month to take them. Stupid, right?

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