What Will be 2013’s Sexiest Halloween Costumes?

Dressing up for Halloween has come a long way since its inception when the Celts wore animal skins and heads and danced around a bonfire. Dressing up in costume is still in our blood, and sexy Halloween costumes are a popular way to celebrate. So what will be 2013’s sexiest Halloween costumes?

Easy Do-It-Yourself Sexy Fairytale Costume Ideas

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One favorite sexy costume standby is the fairytale character Red Ridinghood. ABC’s popular Once Upon a Time TV show offers plenty of ideas for sexy do-it-yourself sexy Halloween costumes for 2013 including their own unique version of Red.

  • Red Ridinghood: Start with Meghan Ory’s portrayal of Red or her alter ego Ruby in the alternate reality of Storybrook. In fact, Ruby knows how to rock a mini skirt. You can do the same. Wear the red streak in your hair and you’re still Red Ridinghood but a sexy updated version.
  • Emma: Another sexy costume idea to take away from Once Upon a Time includes dressing like the character Emma (Jennifer Morrison), the adult daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming with a fitted, brown leather jacket, tight black jeans, and knee-high boots. Top it off with a long blond wig.
  • Captain Hook: Guys looking for a sexy costumes should take a look at Hook played by Colin O’Donoghue. Fitted jacket, shirt unbuttoned to show off that sexy chest, and an opportunity to sport dark eyeliner. This costume can be worn with or without the hook. It’s just a matter of whether or not the crock has had its handy snack as yet.
  • Evil Queen: The evil queen (Lana Parrilla) of Once Upon a Time is hot, hot, hot! Lots of costume ideas.

Super Sexy Super Heroes Costumes

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2013 has a big line up of superheroes coming to the big screen this year featuring plenty of costume ideas.

  • Thor: Thor The Dark World is due out November 8, but Thor costumes will be a big hit by the end of October. It’s a great costume for guys with all that body armor, long hair and all, but you women out there should consider a Lady Thor costume with a metal halter top, winged helmet, matched with black low-rider stretch pants, a silver belt and boots! Both men and women can carry the big hammer prop to complete the look.
  • Star Trek into Darkness: Star Trek has been reinvented with a new cast, and Uhura played by Zoe Saldana brings the short mini-dress Starfleet uniform back into vogue for a sexy Halloween option.
  • Superman and Lois Lane: Superman: Man of Steel will hit the big screen this year, and brings with it the opportunity for couples to dress as Superman and Lois Lane.
  • Iron Man 3 opens the door for another couples idea with Iron Man and Pepper Potts. Pepper offers lots of options from a sexy superhero costume to wearing a basic black mini dress.
  • The Wolverine: A shirtless Wolverine is another sexy costume idea for guys in 2013. A word of caution though, if you plan to go for an angry Wolverine costume with blade gloves, be careful with your drink. You could poke your eye out!

For more ideas, search the internet and look through a large selection of sexy storybook characters, including one that looks much like the sexy evil queen on Once Upon a Time. If you’re looking for more ideas for sexy costumes, just search your imagination for the perfect idea.


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