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What I’ve Learned Since I Became Mom

Well I think it’s safe to learn, becoming a Mom is a CONSTANT learning experience. You learn as your child learns.

I’ve learned that it is necessary to be flexible. Just because your schedule was “SET” doesn’t mean it can always be followed to a t. There’s skinned knees, upset tummys and fevers that make you realize there’s someone more important than getting to the gym on time.

I’ve learned how amazing it is to watch a child learn. The first step, the first word-they are all things we do on a daily basis but the FIRST are incredible. It only happens once, so remember it.

I’ve learned what it means to care about someone with all your heart and being. You only want the best for your little one. Its not about me anymore, it’s about my child.

For a funnier side….
-There is a such thing as crying over spilled miik.
-The “gasp” that comes out of a mom’s mouth when a kid gets a potential “owie” is the real reason a child cries. And of course, Mom can not control the gasp when she sees her baby fall.
-The apple doesnt fall from the tree. My daughter is ORNERY!!!! I can definitely see all the stories my mom used to tell me…(thank goodness I don’t have typewriter ribbon for Kelsie to wrap herself in)

I’m serious the “list” could go on and on with what I’ve learned since becoming a mom. And I learn as my daughter learns. It truly is an eye opening experience to become a Mother. You look at the world in a whole other light.

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