What is up with this Weather?!

With May being almost to the middle now, you would expect to be having warm weather. 60 degrees ATLEAST. Instead, we are getting frost advisories at night, 40-50 degree weather, wind, and nothing but rain. Seriously, what the heck is going on?

Rain and cold weather is known to have my headaches flareup but my goodness, this is alot of just yuck weather. I love being able to take the girls out to play but we haven’t been able to do much of anything this month. No going for a walk, no out kicking the ball around. It stinks.

Summer, can you hurry up and come back from where ever you are hiding? K Thanks.

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  1. This weather is so horrible. It feels like FALL not at all like spring. I am longing for a day that I can just spend outside without layers and without rain!!

  2. I am asking the same question! 2 weeks ago I planted my veggies, it was 90 degrees!!! The next weekend we get a frost advisory?? Someone made Mother nature very angry and I wish they would make up already LOL

    btw..I suffer from migraines too and noticed with the dips and highs in the weather my headaches were bad last week 🙁

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