What Does Your Child’s Name Mean?

What Does Your Child's Name Mean? 1

Your name is something you carry with your for the rest of your life (unless you pay the fees to change your name, of course). When it comes to naming your child, you want a name that you know is strong, not something they might face teasing for in school.

Each of my children and the decision to name them took some time and lots of writing down lists of names to come up with decisions. I would say the boys’ names were the easiest because we decided on middle names first.

Kelsie’s main reasoning behind her name came from her middle name as well. Heather is in memory of my very close friend Heather that died shortly before I found out I was pregnant. Marie is my mother’s middle name.

While Aubrey didn’t have a particular reason behind her name, I wanted something unique but at the same time classic. As a fan of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn so, I created a “twist” to her name.

Nathan and Lucas’ names were based two things. Michael is my father-in-law’s name and Gary was my Grandfather’s name. I knew I wanted something to do with my Grandpa in one of my son’s names. As fans of One Tree Hill, it connected quickly when we began running through boys names that matched the names.

While I didn’t really look at the meaning of my children’s names like I know some parents do, I decided to look up their names and share.


Kelsie Heather Marie

Kelsie means brave. Heather means flower. Marie, in Irish, means star of the sea. In English, it can mean bitter (oops) or wished for child. <3

Aubrey Lynn

Aubrey’s meaning is Blonde ruler. The meaning of Lynn is Waterfall, pretty.

Lucas Michael

Lucas means bringer of light. Michael is “Who is like God”

Nathaniel Gary

Nathaniel is gift of god. Gary means Mighty with a spear.


How did you name your children? Did you look at meanings of names? Did you name your child after someone?

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  1. With Kambry’s name, we went over some really pretty names; first and middle, but nothing stuck with us and made us go wow. I was on a fertility message board and while we all chatted about fertility, charting and even randomness, I met a girl that had lost her baby girl, Kambry, to Trisomy 13 just a few hours after she was born. There’s a video that I posted with baby Kambry’s birth story and pictures.


    I got to know this grieving mother and we became friends online. I asked the mother if it was ok for me to carry on her Kambry’s name with my baby girl. I was so inspired by this mother’s strength and amazing personality, that it just felt right. Every time we are asked about how we came up with Kambry’s name, my heart smiles and I fill them in on the history of her name.

  2. I am big in what names mean so anything we considered, I had to first check the meaning. My son has a long pregnancy and birth story that fits his name perfectly. It means Little Warrior.

    My daughter was named after my brother (just girly) and it means wisdom. It is so funny that their names also suit their personalities so well.

  3. Well, I did actually know that Marie meant bitter…I always chose to believe it was more the other meaning – I had a keychain that said “the longed for one”. Although I will admit that some days bitter might be accurate LOL!

    I always knew I was going to have a Morgan. So, my first daughter would have been Morgan whether she was boy or girl. With my second, we had a harder time. I always wanted an Amy too – but I had a friend of my sister’s who named her daughter Amy so I didn’t know if I should too. But, her daughter was like 15 years old, so I figured it didn’t matter!

    Their first names were just names I liked – their middle names after family. Morgan Linda after my mom and Amy Robyn after my husband’s grandfather.

  4. My two were named after someone,my son has the itials JDB same as his father an his grandfather,but when he had his son he didnt do it,so ,so much for tradition,lol,,my daughter was named Dana Elizabeth ,Dana from my father Dane an the Elizabeth was my husbands side of the family his grandmother,mother,sister all had the middle name Elizabeth,an now a great niece has the name too,my daughter only has sons

  5. We named our son Ian which is Scottish for John. He was named after my father who had just died the previous year.

  6. My son’s name: First name, Dakota – means, ally, friend, forever smiling. Middle name – James – means, supplanter. It’s a biblical name. Although he is named James only because that is my husband’s (his father’s) name, as well as both his paternal great grandfathter’s names. We call him Cody, which means, helpful, helper. 🙂

  7. I don’t know the meanings of my kids’ names. Guess I should find out! We named Sweet T after her great-great aunt because we just love the name Trudy!

  8. Until you posted this, I didn’t even know what my kids’ names mean! Turns out, Claire Ellen means clear/bright/famous and torch/moon (uhh, torch…ok). Jack Lewis means man and famous warrior. Well, then! Now I know. 🙂

  9. I always loved that my name meant princess! LOL

    My oldest, Connor, means hound lover….and that he is!

    My youngest son is Evan, young warrior, and he is certainly tough!

  10. My oldest three all had either their first or middle names after male family members. We ran out of male family members that other children were not already named after for my youngest, so my oldest actually picked his name one day when we were riding in the car. They all four have first names that start with “J” and they all have a first or last name that has a Biblical tie.

  11. Lucie is a family name and her middle name is after a friend’s grandma who I was very close to. She also has the same initials as my dad. Nathan was a name we liked and his middle name is the same middle name as his granddad and my husband’s best friend.

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