Waterlicious Bottled Water For Kids

Kelsie is a very active little girl. And with that, I try everything I can to make sure she stays healthy. It’s amazing how often though when you walk into a store, you see juices and drinks filled with high-fructose corn syrups and sweeteners. To me, knowing that she is only two-it worries me to think how quickly some of these things can be introduced into her little body.


Waterlicious has helped create a great alternative to pops and juices. This new line of flavored bottled water has been made especially for children. Not only are these waters enhanced with fibers and essential vitamins, they come in a variety of flavors your child is sure to enjoy. Kelsie has been known to be rather picky and she LOVED her Soccer Berry Water.

Fiber – a key element in preventing child obesity – is an essential ingredient
contained in each and every Waterlicious flavor, along with essential vitamins
for healthy growth and development of strong bodies, including B3, B5, B6 and
B12.  The “B” group of vitamins also are identified for their ability to
relieve stress and promote a calming effect on children while strengthening
their immune systems and other vital organs.  Waterlicious also contains Calcium
and Vitamin C further increasing the water’s health benefits for children.

When I first gave Kelsie the Waterlicious after she asked for juice, I was nervous she would say No, knowing it wasn’t her “normal” juice. I loved watching her walk away to sit on the couch and turn back to say, “Yummy Mommy” . I instantly knew Waterlicious got her seal of approval. The next day she asked for “Water Juice” and when I showed her the Waterlicious bottle, she assured me Yes, that’s what she wanted.

The all-natural flavors featured within the Waterlicious line include-

Soccer Berry, Super Apple, Peach, Lemon, Pineapple, Grape, Watermelon, Cherry and Strawberry Banana.

Check out Waterlicious.com to learn more and purchase your own for those little ones!

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  1. We’ve tried Waterlicious before. My daughter wasn’t too fond of it but my son LOVED it!

    We’d like to try the other flavors some day.

    Thanks for a great review.

  2. Love that they have so may flavors. I dont think any child gets enough fiber so that is a great thing to have in it! Glad Kelsie likes it too!

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