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Water Everywhere!

Well I’m sure you have seen on the news the weather conditions in Iowa or the midwest for that matter. The state of Iowa has been declared in a state of emergency because we have had SEVERE flooding for the past two weeks (which followed a horrible tornado in the town of Parkersburg that took the lives of eight Iowans) We have definitely had our share of flooding here in Ames but thankfully our belongings have gone untouched.

The emergency spillway tonight is expected to reach the highest point since the Floods of 1993 here in Iowa. We have more heavy rain expected tomorrow so let’s hope they can keep the levys under control (they are releasing part of the spillway tonight and they have closed the majority of bridges running through downtown Des Moines.

That is definitely a big current event going on here in Iowa and I’m hoping if the time comes that I can help in some way, I get the oppurtunity to do so.

Right now, Kelsie passed her ear infection on to me as of Monday so my left ear isn’t doing too great and Steven now is getting the start of an ear infection…the things you don’t want shared right?? I’ve been having to fight a fever with mine but I guess it goes with the mommy territory. Hopefully by this weekend we will be both be feeling better as I have tried to make some “surprise” fathers day plans…(Steven has caught on to most of it though!)

Catch you all soon and hope I can get some more Great posts for you!

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