Want to VLOG? How about Flip?

Are you seeing other mom bloggers out there sharing fun videos with you? As you walk through the store do you peek at the video cameras wondering which one would be worth it? Well it’s time for you to check out the FLIP.
Want to VLOG? How about Flip? 1

I am the owner of a FLIP Ultra that I have definitely had some fun with. The Flip has been put to good use in our household-catching baby laughs, watching Kelsie dance, or even putting myself in front of the camera to talk about the latest product I’ve tried out.

The concept is very simple. The FLIP can fit right into your pants pocket. See something you have to catch on camera? Just point, one simple button, and you are recording. Each camera in the FLIP Family records up to 60 minutes of video. Hate having all those cords dangling and the CDs you have to hold onto to install programs or downloads media to your computer? You don’t have to worry about that with the FLIP. A USB Port “flips” out from this handy camcorder and plugs straight into your computer. Upload your videos straight to Yahoo, Myspace, and more!

I have enjoyed my FLIP very much. I will say the initial getting started process was tough as I did have installation issues with the built-in video program. Whether it was just my computer’s compatibility or not, I’m not sure but I do run on Vista.

Check out the FLIP Family today and decide which camera is perfect for you. The Flip Mino and Mino HD catch my attention as well. Why? They are DESIGNABLE. That’s right, you pick the design that goes on your video camera.

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  1. I want to start Vlogging but I dont even own a video camera at all! I would love a Flip!

  2. My daughter Kaydence is officially in love with your daughter. She made me play the video twice and was just pure smiles watching her.

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