ToonUps Giving Thanks on Facebook!

ToonUps Giving Thanks on Facebook! 1

With Thanksgiving here, ToonUps has created a unique Facebook app, Giving Thanks. Many of us have played a game or two on Facebook but Giving Thanks creates a new experience-giving thanks and showing appreciation for the things we have within our life.

With the Holiday Season just around the corner, we are all thinking about ways to give back and improve upon the world around us.  This week, ToonUps, the uplifting animated software company, will be releasing a special Giving Thanks Facebook App.  This heartfelt app is free of charge and allows you to share positive feelings with others, just in time for Thanksgiving! Two main features of the app are the Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post.  Both are outlets to share the things you are grateful for, and to tell others you appreciate them as well.
This free, limited edition app will give you a glimpse into ToonUps’ larger Facebook game launch of A Better World next month.  A Better World is a fun and exciting game where players can do good deeds and get rewarded – allowing you to focus on the positives in your life, and even bringing in elements of real-world altruism.  Just by using the Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post, you will earn Do-Good Gold that can be used in the full game. Not only will you find it lifts your own spirits, it is a fun activity to share with your children.  Through A Better World, teach them the importance of giving back to their community and to appreciate the good in their own lives – all in the form of a game!

ToonUps Giving Thanks on Facebook! 2I have taken the time to play around and post my “I’m grateful for…” withing the Gratitude Grotto and take the time to read others statements as well. From statements of gratefulness for families health to having warm weather, it’s a unique experience to see others share what they are thankful for.

Within Positive Post, you can select Facebook friends, including those not using A Better World, to send them a kind note, even if it is to just say Hi.

I am excited to see all the features A Better World will have to offer just before Christmas. It is nice to see a Facebook game/application that is more than just sitting and playing but a way to spread positivity. By checking out the Giving Thanks app, you can also receive “Do-Good Gold” to be used when the full A Better World game launches.

Thanksgiving is here in two days. What can you post that you are thankful for?

I received a gift card to thank me for my time in writing this post. All opinions are that of my own.

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