Tips to Help You Downsize Bathroom Clutter

Tips to Help You Downsize Bathroom Clutter 1

Tips to Help You Downsize Bathroom Clutter 2

The bathroom is an intimate space in your home where you can handle all of your personal matters, hygiene, and grooming needs. While this space is not always seen by other people, it is still important to keep it organized and free from clutter, otherwise, you will find yourself digging through mountains of expired products to find what you need.

Below, you will find some awesome tips to help you downsize and eliminate your bathroom clutter.

No Use for It? Toss It!

If you find an item in your bathroom that you do not use, it is time to toss it and get rid of it. You must be realistic with yourself about whether or not you will use an item. For instance, if you have ten bottles of nail polish that you acquired three years ago, and you have only used two, toss the other eight. There is no reason to hang on to them simply because you don’t feel comfortable throwing them away.

Expired? Get Rid of It

If you start to go through the items in your bathroom and you notice that some of your hygienic supplies or makeup is expired, it is time to toss it. Many of the items that expire, do so for a reason. For example, if you have expired toothpaste, it probably expired because the fluoride in it is no longer active and will no longer benefit you to use it. In these cases, you do not want to keep the items because they will not be effective.

Eliminate Décor and Unnecessary Items

If your bathroom is packed full of décor and items used to decorate, get rid of them. The bathroom should have a few décor items but when it is over decorated it looks cluttered. If you have the space, you can hang some shelves to use for additional towels or a decoration or two, but do not simply clutter the countertops and back of the toilet with items just to do it.

If you have a lot of bathroom décor and nowhere to place it, consider packing it into a box and placing it in a storage facility until you decide what to do with it. You can rent all different sizes of storage but the smallest and most useful for extra décor would be a 5×5 unit. I recommend searching

Compile and Combine

If you have a bunch of Q-Tips and cotton balls hanging around, now is the time to condense, compile, and combine. You can place all of these items into small jars that can be placed on shelves or the counter. You can also do this with hair ties, bows, and other small accessories that you want to keep and use.

Start Downsizing Your Bathroom Clutter Today

When you look at your bathroom, it may look like a giant mess to you, but do not be alarmed, as it will not take you as long as you think. Start by tossing out anything expired or anything you will not use and then simply organize, condense, and arrange after that. You will find that the process is quite simple and will allow you to access your bathroom without things getting in the way.


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