This Means Trouble When This Mommy Finds….

This Means Trouble When This Mommy Finds.... 1
A Highlight Cap
Quick Blue Hair Bleach
30 Vol. Developer

Hehehe. Who’s Gonna Stop Me?

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  1. Ohhh HAVE FUN AND DO IT!!!! I need a hair cut, but I relly REALLY wanna get to doing some funky colors again.

  2. I’m sacred. I KNOW that you aren’t me, but everytime ai try to color my hair at home it looks sooooo bad. BUT I am ALL for the coloring….Can you do something really thrifty and set money aside to have it done?

  3. Fun fun! lol Better not let me near anything like that – I’ve been known to go red (think Anne of Green Gables) since I was a teen. 😉

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