The Ten-Dollar iPad

The Ten-Dollar iPad 1

The Ten-Dollar iPad 2Last night seemed to be one of “those dream nights” You know the ones where you just have random dreams all night and throughout the next day you find yourself remembering bits and pieces the next day. While one dream has me a little bit on the rocks trying to find the understanding of, I had one that I couldn’t help but keep laughing about.

As you most know Tanya of MommyGoggles and I are both Iowa Mom Bloggers and well, we’ve connected. Soulmates. LOL. Yes Tanya, I dreamed about you last night. Don’t let it go to your head as you got pretty mad at me. 😉

Now why the heck are you sharing this? I am sharing it because it was random and I seriously laughed when I remembered it.

Tanya and I like going out to garage sales. She and I were both out (KID-FREE!) and headed to a few sales. As we walked up to a sale, Tanya was on one side, I on the other. I began looking as the woman holding the sale says, “Yeah I’ll give you that iPad for ten bucks if you want it…I just couldn’t figure it out so I want it gone” Ha, of course, Tanya looks up, walks over and gives me the “look” of Yeah right. I fidget with it and sure enough, it powers up and is working so of course, PURCHASE!

I got home playing the whole works and Tanya was ready to kill me.

And that is the story of the ten-dollar iPad. I dreamt of an iPad. I must be a nerd.

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  1. LMAO!!!! OMG that’s hilarious!!! Man, is the moon out or something because my dreams the last few days have been wicked wicked! You show me a $10 iPad and I’ll prance around your gazebo in a thong. 😆
    .-= Tanya @ Mommy Goggles´s last blog ..Adorable Kids Clothes from Bit’z Kids NYC! =-.

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