The Story Behind My Love for Evanescence

My first tattoo ever was the Evanescence symbol. Many people might think why the heck would you get a band tattoo? No, it’s not like the Grateful Dead bears or anything like that to me and it’s a symbol I won’t regret. I’ve had plenty ask, “What is that one? What does it mean?” To me, it’s more than just a “band tattoo”

I remember the first time I heard Evanescence, I was in one of those dorky school vans on the way to a track meet and all I could do is “Whoa” I was in complete awe I think. A female lead vocal in a ROCK band? Ummm, heck yeah! The sound just instantly drew me in. I was hooked. When I listen to the lyrics behind the music, I can feel the emotion. Amy Lee is not fearful of writing songs with raw emotion. Losing someone hurts like hell and she can capture that. We’ve all had those moments where we’ve hated ourselves. Amy can write it out for all of us.  Not only that but, um, Amy Lee’s voice is amazing. I also admire the fact Amy Lee is not one of the million bleach-blonde, tan, half-anorexic celebrities we see from day to day. Amy Lee shows her true self. Not afraid to break the mold of the “must be” celebrity. A Kick Ass Independent and Beautiful woman.

Before turning 18, I knew I would want a tattoo on my 18th Birthday. But of course, the question became of what. I didn’t just want anything on me for the rest of my life. I thought about my initials, I thought about a tiger paw (my hometown mascot), I thought about music notes, I thought of a Marilyn Monroe. But nothing stood out.

I’ve had a passion for music since I was a little girl. So as I began to look to song lyrics…it hit me. My tattoo had to be Evanscence. This wasn’t just a “fan tattoo”. Evanescence represents beauty and independence. The ability to break the mold. Evanescence represents ME.

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  1. Awesome story. Evanescence is one of my favorite bands. I kind of wish my tattoos had more of a story other than my zodiac sign and it looked cool at the time. I keep trying to think of something with some meaning to me like that for my next one.

  2. I love Evanesence too! I swear my fiance never talks about other women celebrities or otherwise but he LOVES Amy Lee!

    Bring Me to Life is one of my favorite songs ever btw! Great post!

  3. I love it! I get that–I am a HUGE music person and you are right–her voice and her emotions are what make her so great!

  4. I read this yesterday, but didn’t get a chance to respond!! Both of my tattoos have meaning, but you already knew that! 😉

  5. WOW! I like that. You definitely put a lot of thought into what you wanted. You know the story about my first tattoo.. LOL If not here’s a link, Think Before you INK. That’s the meaning behind that.. funny. My next one I’m hoping to get by Christmas will be heart shaped angel wings with my great grandmothers name in it. She past away in 06 after Connor turned one.

  6. Total understand you on this. My first (and only) tattoo at 18 was the Pearl Jam Alive figure from the album. It’s not because I’m Pearl Jam obsessed, but it represented a band who’s music and lyrics were meaningful to me… and many of my best memories involve times I was listening to their music with my friends. The other day my father told me I should be charging them for ad space lol Looks like I’m not the only one, either.. did a search on Google Images and there were at least 50 lol!

    I should have told my dad it could have been worse:


  7. I can completely relate to you on this post. I love LOVE Evanescence. I love the lyrics. I love their tone. I love the meaning behind the lyrics; most of all. I have a tattoo myself. Just one. I would love more. The one that I have is on my lower back. Some may think bad of a tattoo, that area, or a tat in general, but to me, MY tattoo is recognized as ‘freedom’. I was in a very VERY bad abusive relationship. My best friend of 20+ years, since grade school, rescued me from many MANY abusive attempts from the man I was dating. Once I was finally ‘free’, we decided together, that I would move away, start a new life and I would finally be safe. She helped save me. We went to a tattoo artist, picked out a tattoo, together, and to this day, I do no regret it. I write poetry and I try to express my feelings in photography, posts and art, but the one thing that I will never forget, is having a tattoo, I will never forget my freedom because it is what got me to where I am today and it has help me create my future. Sounds weird, but my tat helped me in so may ways. ?

  8. Evanescence has also touched my life in a dark time. Every time I hear “My Immortal” my heart just breaks for that girl I was. Thanks for sharing your story.

  9. Ya know, I catch a ton of flak from my friends for listening to Evanescence and having them in my CD Changer but you can’t deny the lyrics and music that drives these songs. While a tattoo is impossible for me due to a non-existent pain tolerance, I can totally understand your motivation behind it. Great post.

  10. I completely agree with you on everything you wrote! The Evanescence logo was also my first tattoo! I love everything about it and what it represents to me..I will never regret it. It’s nice to know others appreciate this band as much as I do!

  11. when i was 14 I had been diagnosed with having skin cancer on my back on the left shoulder. They had to cut a piece of my back out and take skin from my ankle to put over the chunk in my back…it healed up nicely but still left an ugly scar. My mom decided to let me get a tattoo to cover it, and i choose the Evanescence logo. Not only was I obsessed, and still obsessed, with the band, but the logo has always been beautiful to me. Its a symbol of Life and Death. You might think skin cancer isnt that big of a deal, but to me at the time it really was. if they wouldnt of caught it, it would of spread throughout my body, and i could be dead. This tattoo reminds me of how much life really is important to me. =]

  12. My 1st tattoo was the evanescence logo I love evanescence I lost my father when I was 10 yrs old, heard the song my immortal and bought fallen when I was 13 ever since then I’ve become I die hard fan of Amy and her art… amys lyrics can relate to almost every feeling I feel… I’ve had a hard life for someone whose only 21 and regardless evanescence has in a nut shell save my life… my only wish in life is to meet her just once to thank her for her music…

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