The Springtime Spruce Up

The Springtime Spruce Up 1

Although it is a bit on the chilly side right now, in a few short months, it’s going to be warmer and much brighter! Great news all around. But, what comes with all that sun is a lot of time outside. Kids playing in the yard, BBQs (yummy) and a lot of fresh air. Unfortunately, it also gives us time to really take in the battering the exterior of our homes have taken over the winter time. From all of those days of a torrential downpour to frosty mornings.

The Springtime Spruce Up 2

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Knock, Knock

There is nothing as inviting as a rusty drab door. All of those little cobwebs and dirty spots shine brightly when the sun is out. So, if you have a wooden door, it is time to sand it down and give it a fresh lick of paint. Be sure to pick a color that is weatherproof and ideal for wood. While you’re at it, replace the knocker and the letterbox – and hey presto – a whole new door at half the price.

Sweep it up

Fallen leaves, street debris, and some good old fashioned mud. That is likely all over your paving and steps right now. First, you should get either a leaf blower or an outdoor broom and clean up as much as you can. Then buy or rent a jet washer that is designed to remove that built up dirt.

Green Fingers

If you have grass patches or a grassy backyard, then it will certainly be time to pull up all of the weeds that have had a bit of a free reign. Trim back your hedges and bushes, and take a look at any trees you have. They often suffer branch damage during high winds and stormy weather. Call in a tree surgeon if you think you need to get that taken care of.

Tall Walls

The wall of your home can get pretty worn out, overflowing gutters can cause water to continually run down the same spots – causing damage in the same place. Clean out your gutters, removing any leaves and nests. It is also a great time to think about the look of the walls. Getting a revamp couldn’t be more comfortable but check out this James Hardie siding guide for more in-depth information about all of the possibilities.


Windows, window sills, and any exterior light fitting are going to need some TLC. Head out with a bucket of warm soapy water and clean them down. A window cleaning tool will make this super easy and give you gleaming windows in a matter of minutes. To make the most of those clean windows, you might want to give the insides a clean too.

Fancy Fencing

If you have wooden fences, then take the first opportunity to reapply any protective coatings that you have on it. A pot of wood protecting varnish won’t set you back too much and will keep your fence in excellent condition for longer.

If you know it’s time to take stock of the outside of your home and garden here are some top tips for sprucing up in no time.

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