The Seasons are Definitely Changing…

Today was CHILLY! You know you live in Iowa when one day it’s 80 degrees out and the next, you’re rushing to turn on the heat! And with the dreary day, it was one of those days to just cuddle up with the blanket and relax.

With the seasons changing, it also is a reminder of the upcoming holidays. Halloween will be here in a few weeks. I personally love Halloween and getting to play around with makeup and creating things (goes back to my drama nerd!). And don’t worry, Aubrey already has her first Halloween costume picked out 😉

Thanksgiving will be up next. It’s always a time to be with family and just enjoy each others company. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing this year but of course, we have LOTS to be thankful for this year.

And of course, we have Christmas. The fun but stressful holiday. Lots have already began their shopping or atleast got their lists ready. I’ve snuck a few purchases in here and there. I’m trying to help support small businesses and WAHMs this year as much as I can now that I am a blogger and have gotten the chance (and continue to) learn and see new businesses. Steven will be the most difficult one to shop for this year!

Have you started getting ready for Christmas? Or do you have that shop that you just KNOW you have to get stuff from? Leave me a comment! Maybe you’ll help me find a business I’ve never seen before!!

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  1. xmas is SO not on our radar yet. i’m not even ready to think about halloween!!!

    btw, LOVE your blog header!

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