The MomDot contest I HAVE TO WIN!!!

Ok you all know that I LOVE MomDot! Well, I’m REALLY going to be in love when I win this contest!

Anyone knows as a Mom, you just have to get stuff clean. And being a Mom with kids any age, carpets get dirty! Well MomDot has gotten Bissell to give away their new Bissell ProDry Valued at $199!! That thing is just what I need for cleaning my carpets in this apartment! So why do I need this carpet cleaner? This is what I told the girls at MomDot-

Oh wow you have no idea how bad we need a carpet cleaner! We live in an apartment where before we moved in the landlord cleaned the carpets HIMSELF. He didn’t have a professional do it, he just did it. So you can imagine, they weren’t as clean as I wanted them to be in the first place.
We’ve lived in these apartments for over a year now. Kelsie has practiced learning how to eat over top the carpet, we’ve had “sick” moments on this carpet, Steven has came in with muddy shoes on this carpet, AND we also have two cats. These cats are terrorist at making messes!
I have sat on my hands and knees scrubbing this carpet, trying any cleaning product I could find and still can not get all the stains out! I hate seeing stains on the tan carpet in our apartment. And with us most likely hosting atleast one holiday here at our apartment this year, I WANT it to look nice!
Now no matter how much I want to keep this contest to myself so I CAN WIN hehe, You’ve got to head over to MomDot right now and Enter to Win!

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  1. We recycle everything we can, use freecycle, yard sale, goodwill and will be planting a garden!

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