The Latest Hairstyles for Back to School

The Latest Hairstyles for Back to School 1

As most parents can attest, back-to-school season is the time when most kids want to sport their coolest hairstyles. Several weeks ago, the entire family kept me busy doing hair for a full day. We need to touch up some faded colors here and there but overall, they’re excited to rock their hair at school! All kids want to start out the school year with a bang, and now is the time to try a new, funky hairstyle. What are the latest hairstyles that your child can give a try?


For girls, bangs are happening this year. No matter what hairstyle your daughter has, bangs can be worked in to make her hairstyle look cutting edge. Ask your child’s stylist for advice on what type of bangs would go best with the style and texture of your daughter’s hair. Aubrey has such extremely thick hair, we’ve chosen to avoid bangs as they have to be extremely layered on her

The Latest Hairstyles for Back to School 2

The Lob Is Back

For those who haven’t heard of lobs, it is not some kind of horror movie. A lob is a longer bob. It has stuck around for a year at this point and is still coming back for more. A great way for your daughter to wear her lob is slightly tousled, so it doesn’t look too formal. It’s a fun and casual look that can be dressed up when necessary. To make this hairstyle look more formal, use some hair products to create a sleek look.


The fact that Taylor Swift has been spotted in this hairstyle will make it appealing to trendy girls, young and old. This is a great hairstyle for a variety of personalities and ages. It is long enough to pull back in a ponytail, which makes it extremely low maintenance.


For the boys, hair that is spiked on top and held up with plenty of hair product is still in style. Hair gel is not just for the ladies anymore, and now is the time for your son to use plenty of it. Even your younger son will love this hairstyle that has been making the rounds for a short time. This hairstyle looks great on boys of any age, and is being worn by many. Nathan and Lucas have been awesome at rocking mo-hawks. Lucas has hair whirls that have given him a bit of a natural mo-hawk since he was born.

Rainbow Shades

Not only are spiked hairstyles popular when worn as high as they will go, color is an addition that will make your son envied among his classmates. Let your child choose from a range of colors. He can go for one favorite color, a special combination, or even choose to wear a head full of rainbow shades.

The Man Bun

No one believed that it would stick around for as long as it has, but it is still here. We’re talking about the man bun, and it is still making waves. Making a man bun is a great skill to teach your son to do himself if he has longer hair. This hairstyle also comes in handy when it is hot outdoors and your long-haired son is complaining about the heat.

Hairstyles for boys and girls are an important part of school. No matter whether or not we as parents like what they choose, it is a part of making childhood memories. How many of us as adults chose crazy hairstyles and look back on them with a mixture of fondness and eye-rolling?

Let your child experience the fun of choosing their own unique hairstyle to enjoy on their first day of back to school, and for the entire year ahead.

What hair trend do your children want for Back to School season?

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