The Juice “Creativity on The Fly”-$100 Apple Gift Card!

Sometimes we come to a spot in the road where we hit the dreaded writer’s block. But now thanks to The Juice by Tropicana Trop50, bloggers can head over to BlogHer for a weekly webisode with discussions related to writing and all that “good stuff”.

This week’s episode on The Juice is all about Creativity on the Fly: Curing Writer’s Block. The Juice was created in support of Tropicana Trop 50 – a  new orange juice beverage with 50% less cal and 50% less sugar. The Juice lives on BlogHer and is a unique online community where women can exchange practical ideas and tips on how to get more of what they want and less of what they don’t. The Juice is all about the “good stuff.”

While I was at BlogHer, I had the chance to try Trop50. Now I am normally not a big juice drinker but when it came time for another meal, I was happy to see the Trop50 out for bloggers to grab again. It didn’t have that overpowering SUGAR taste alot of juices these days have but it still tasted natural and left me wanting to grab another versus a pop.

Do you want to try Trop50? Check out this to receive a coupon for $1.00 off!

How would you like to get those Creative Juices Flowing?? One For The Love of Baby reader will win a $100 Gift Card to Apple!

How to Win Mandatory Entry

Leave me a comment letting me know what you do to stay creative.

Additional Entries-

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  1. Wow, this would be amazing to win, I could finally get a new iPhone.

    To stay creative I DIY – I silkscreen shirts, I also stamp metal and solder metal into jewelry. I also do web design. I love doing anything that lets me use my imagination – your body, art, your ideas – anything can be art!

    My friend has a lot of wonderful tattoos, and his arms are really a work of art, because each tattoo is an extensive of his creativity. I love imagination and being creative really lets us be ourselves raw and open without judgment or criticism (and if there is any, I don’t listen! :P)

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

  2. its all about motivation to me. More then once I have taken over one of my kids school projects for it just caught my interest.

  3. I listen to a lot of music to keep me inspired. It’s usually psy-trance that gets my juices flowing.

  4. I start the day with my exercise program and somehow the creative juices start flowing after that.

  5. To get creative I need fresh air, an clear open mind! A lot of things inspire me from music I listen to, to the colors of nature. I try to get creative/take risks in the kitchen when baking/cooking.

    Thanks for the chance! I would love an apple GC to put towards a Nano:)


  6. I am not creative at all, but I like to write once in awhile and I just sit down and do it when the mood hits me.

  7. Thank you so much for offering this giveaway.
    To stay creative, I love to listen to music. Music has a way of making me feel uplifted and alert. Great help in helping me get and stay creative.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I watch decorating programs and then try to do some of the tips myself. It makes my home look better and I feel very creative.

  9. Creative – me and my daughter do a lot of scrapbooking together and creating T-shirts. I’m also a cheerleading coach and she is a cheerleader so she is very involved in creating the routines and cheers.

  10. I like to try things out of my comfort zone – reading a weird book, going to a funky gallery, trying crazy food. Anything different tends to make me feel more creative.

  11. As a first year graphic design student, I’ve found that a lot of my projects so far include or were inspired by my friends, family, and/or personal experiences. So I stay creative by just being me and being around my loved ones.

  12. I know it may sound weird , but to get my creative juices flowing I begin to babble. I just let whats happening on the inside come out as sounds, when they start becoming words its time to sit and write.

  13. I am not very creative. I guess if I do anything it is look things up on the Internet which will stir up the lacking creative forces within me.

  14. If I feel I’m stuck in a creative rut, I take a walk (or even just sit) outside to clear my mind. Usually I’ll see something like hawks flying or squirrels foraging for food and it snaps me back into being creative because for that moment that I see those things happening, my mind isn’t on being creative. I know it sounds weird but nature does a lot for me as far as helping me be creative.

  15. I stay creative by drawing handmade cards for family and friends. I never buy Hallmark! I think my own cards are much better 🙂

  16. I stay creative by surrounding myself with good supplies for my craft (knitting)–a good look at my yarn stash always gives me inspiration! Thanks for the contest!

  17. I stay creative by consciously trying to use what I already have available before buying something new. I apply this to crafts, cooking, shopping, etc. Learning to “make it do” can make you very creative!

  18. I go to my local craft store and flip through the magazines for new projects I would like to try and I actually try them. Sometimes they turn out great and sometimes not so much!

  19. I don’t feel I am as creative as I used to be, but playing with photography is an outlet.

  20. I stay creative my trying to find ways to may my house and yard “green”. It’s important to me to conserve energy and water. Thank you for the contest.

  21. I subscribe to all the blogs I can!
    Everybody has super neat ideas, delivered right to my inbox, then onto my blackberry! How convienant!

  22. I work in a copycenter, so I am always being creative with customer’s copy jobs. I always offer all kinds of ways to make their project more creative! this helps me be creative as well because I get ideas from customers!

    Thank you!

  23. What I do to stay creative is look thru the tons of magazines from the library on crafty ideas to decorate and how to paint and redo our living spaces.

  24. I stay creative by taking trips to the library, you would be surprised what you will find just browsing through the books and magazines.

  25. I stay creative in the kitchen. I like to look at people’s food blogs for new ideas for inspiration in creating my own new recipes

  26. Being a heavy reader makes me a better writer. I often find inspiration by reading blogs, news or watching videos online. I also have an “idea drawer”; sometimes I scribble a quick thought or idea on a 3×5 notecard and stuff it in the idea drawer for later.

  27. I stay creative by trying new things. My plan is to try something new every week. Whether it be try a new craft, a new recipe, read/watch a genre of book or movie I never tried etc. It helps me stay creative.

  28. I stay creative by constantly trying new things in the kitchen. I am always looking for new recipes and combining old ones to make something new.

  29. Over the years, I’ve tried quite a few different crafts, from drying flowers and making wreaths, working with polymer clay and needlepoint. I like to always try something new and right now I’m thinking of trying my hand at jewelry; changing it up for me keeps me creative. Thank you!

  30. I structure my time…early morning I write on my blogs, it is nice and quiet. Afternoon, I sew or make jewelry. I am disciplined, I rarely miss a day.
    Inspiration does not just come, you need to work for it.

  31. I’ve begun making jewelry in my limited spare time. I love the colorful beads and I find the hobby to be very relaxing as well as satisfying my creative side!

  32. When I feel blocked, I turn to books and go online for inspiration. I always seem to find something to spark an idea or two. Thanks!

  33. I do get family fun magazine and we do the crafts that are featured. The kids love showing off their work and I have fun doing the crafts too.

  34. I’ve taken up yoga. Its my true alone time and it centers me and enables me to get the creative juices flowing.


  35. not as much as I used to, unfortunately, but I still sing, and when I sing along with songs I don’t know well, I make up my own lyrics and sometimes melodies. 😉

  36. Leave me a comment letting me know what you do to stay creative:

    I meditate daily, and I also draw inspiration from nature.

  37. How I stay creative… sometimes I just indulge in all those things I used to do as a kid–like coloring and drawing–then I try to apply that same carefree style when I crochet. If I’m trying to write, I curl up and read for fun, letting myself relax. If I’m relaxed and in a good frame of mind, it helps me feel better about what I’m trying to create! Otherwise, I get all perfectionist and end up tossing what could be the start of something great. 🙂

  38. Think and speak out any crazy idea you may have. It may lead to something useful

  39. i do tribal bellydance! dancing with other women is a great way to learn and stay creative!

  40. I can remember having to write creative essays for a writting class and I would get so brain locked! The only thing that worked for me, and still does anytime I’m having trouble, is to take a a restful nap. Not just any nap though..I would get a pencil and note pad to keep next to me in bed..I would make sure the last thing I thought of as I layed my head down was my subject, then as I slept the creative juices would flow! I would wake up here and there and write down notes and when I woke up I would be ready to my story going! Works for me! 😉

  41. Staying creative in Indiana by creating multi media of my son. This includes slide shows, movies, and taking MANY pictures. Photography has always been a hobbie but with my new SON it is almost an obsession. 😉

  42. I think the best way to stay creative is to push the envelope of convention. I don’t filter my ideas and thoughts to match the prevailing parameters of what is acceptable at any given time.

  43. How do I stay creative? I do I NOT? Hubby laughs that I sing to him in the car – yet I cannot sing. I watch the news and on road trips, I mimic events to him. He tries to ignore me, but he can’t deny my annoyance. 😆 I don’t read too many books, but love to read our tiny (and I mean TINY) weekly newspaper.

  44. I tried the Trop50 juice at BlogHer and I have already bought about 6 of them since Ive been home. Love them and my kids love it!

  45. I just subscribed. 😀 I thought I was already a subscriber, but I just confirmed it.

  46. BTW: Hubby says I need new iTunes. I think he is tired of hearing “Lady GaGa’s Poker Face” 😆 P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face

  47. hi, to stay creative, i listen to a lot of music and stay in touch with my emotions. my creative outlet is poetry. thanks!

  48. Things I do to stay creative, is blog, first and foremost. I also read other blogs to gain more ideas on how to clean my home more efficiently, organize my life and home, etc. I love all these resources that I have to open my mind to the different possibilities in life.

    I also read up on the news going on around the world, as well as watch it on TV. I love the news, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

    I also try to squeeze in time to spend with my husband. A great conversation always stimulates my mind!


  49. I just became a fan of yours on Facebook. My name is Coupon Journey on there.

  50. I sometimes have to push myself to be creative but generally I just try to think outside the box when I’m working. I try to brainstorm ideas and sometimes just writing them on paper helps a lot! I keep an eye out for other creative people and hope their creativity rubs off on me! Ha! 🙂

  51. I have children so I try to do something new everyday so they can this way I stay creative. There is so much for them to learn! And I learn too by teaching them. Even things I didn’t remember etc.

  52. I try to keep up on the latest artistic forms and technologies. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  53. i’m trying to be a better photographer (need more reading/pratice), i’m looking into papercrafting, and 1/2 way done re-doing 2 rooms in the house

  54. Well, I used to just read and listen to music and read up on new music to try and get my creative juices flowing, but now I surround myself with crazy, interesting people of all groups. I play roller derby and the amount of creativity in the group of girls makes me that much more creative myself!

  55. I write down my dreams b/c they are so vivid and use them some way in my short stories & poems
    Thanks for the great giveaway
    jessicasjunk08 (at) gmail (dot) com

  56. To stay creative, I work on projects after my son goes to sleep and before he wakes up. This morning I woke up at 4 p.m., only to have him wake up at 5:30, and ask about cartoons. But, hey, I did get one and a half hours in before his internal “Mommy Clock” woke up and found me.

    The other way that I stay creative is to blog about things that make me happy. That means that a few times a week I blog about lingerie. It’s my guilty pleasure. It reminds me that I may be a mom, but I’m also a woman who deserves to celebrate each day.

    Thanks for the entry.


    ~ Eve

    TheEvesApples (at) gmail (dot) com

  57. I try to be observent and jot down one funny, interesting, or unusual thing I see or hear about each day.

  58. I take a hike in the nearby mountains to clear my head and appreciate nature. That keeps me creative.

  59. I take my camera and snap shots wherever i am , on walks in the yard sunset and let my mind go and be creative.

  60. I’m only creative because I participate with my kids when they do arts and crafts. Thanks!

  61. I read and watch movies, which inspires me to write and to think about issues I would otherwise not think about!

  62. To be creative, I sew little crafty things and invent recipes. Currently, I’m trying to create more recipes with extra veggies and fiber without my family catching on!

  63. I love to keep a notebook with me for when I get ideas. I also try to relax and listen to music when I’m feeling a block in my creativity.

  64. When I see something that inspires me, I try to take a picture of it! That way when I’m ready to use those colors, or something, I haven’t forgotten! Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  65. I make sure I am taking care of myself and making time to visit with friends, refue, and get inspiration from crafty websites, books, and the world around me.
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  66. I find that fun, positive people bring out the creativity in me, so I try to hang around with them when I can and stay away from people who sap the energy from me.

  67. Before kids I was much more creative. Now the most creative I get is helping the little ones make holiday decorations to tape on the windows.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. I like to look at craft websites, try new recipes or play around with scraps of material and a needle and thread and see what I can make.

  69. To stay creative, I look everywhere for ideas including your blog, other web-sites, book… and am always trying new ideas and recipes

  70. Creative ideas often come to me while driving or riding in the car. I keep a small notebook and pencil in the front storage compartment and when an idea comes, I make sure to write it down, at a stoplight or in traffic when it is safe. When I have time for writing or artwork, I check the book to refresh my memory as to what I want to try.

  71. I like to try new things, such as food and seeing new places. It inspires me to be more creative.

  72. I get my creative juices flowing with music! I put on something relaxing and enjoyable (usually Clannad or Adiemus) and I can work all day creating stuff!

  73. To stay creative, I visit museums and art galleries as often as I can! I also like listening to great music and reading poetry!

  74. I try to stay creative, like when writing, by reading music lyrics. Lots of effort often goes into making lyrics go together and there’s often some interesting imagery.

  75. I used to love to paint&other things,now kids!I need to destress so I can go back to painting&other creative outlets!


  76. I’m so not creative so I look around the internet and use other people’s ideas. lol Thank you!

  77. Now that the kids are grown and have given me grandkids, I find that I am more inventive this round. Guess it’s the naps inbetween. 🙂 Or maybe, that I don’t have laundry out the kazoooo…

  78. As a fledgling author, I like to sit down every night from 9pm until 10pm. Reguardless of everything else that may be happening or how long I’ve already written that day and just do writing and word exercises to keep my mind fresh and my brain from locking into a particular manner of writing or thinking. It works wonders! Of course, I’m still not published just yet, so maybe not wonders, but its great anyway 🙂

  79. I visit other craft websites to get ideas for crafts to make with my kids. I usually take one idea and add to it.

  80. I read books, go to plays, concerts, exhibitions…all that inspires me to be creative in everything I do. My main creative outlets are painting and cooking.

  81. I read a lot of blogs! It keeps me busy and gives me ideas to think about.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  82. I stay creative by reading books, attending seminars on subjects I enjoy like cooking, gardening and building things.

  83. to get the creative juices flowing i brain storm on a piece of paper, i just write everything that comes to mind, that usually sparks some creativity.

  84. The best way I have to stay creative is to force myself to try at least one new thing each day — whether it’s a new website, person, shop, writer, musician, activity, etc., I usually get inspired by both the novelty of the experience and my reactions to it. That’s my way of staying out of a rut and opening up my mind to new ideas and perspectives – and to be learning constantly!

  85. To stay creative I try and focus everyday on being unique. Not doing things the traditional way, but rather trying to add my own twist to the way one does ordinary things. I can apply this line of thinking to many things. For example, if I am cooking and trying out a new recipe I may add one or two of my own ingredients to the recipe, in addition to what it calls for. Exploring different flavor combinations when I am cooking makes me feel creative. Or, if I can going out I may experiment and play with eyeshadow colors to give my eyes a watercolor look, just playing with color when I am making myself up makes me feel creative. Or, I have this software called Artmatic. It allows me to use fractals and apply them to photographs I have taken. I try and manipulate at least one or two images a day in Artmatic using different fractals to create digital art out of my own photographs. These are just a few examples of how I stay creative and try and incorporate creativity into my life and hopefully be a role model to our 3 children. Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  86. I am a fan of For The Love of Baby! on Facebook, my username there is Joanna Smith

  87. I stay creative by trying to do something spontaneous every day — spontaneity leads to creativity for me. When I stay in my routine I have trouble thinking outside the box.

  88. I like to go for walks and get out into nature to stay creative – so much inspiration out there.

  89. I work on my flowers to stay creative! Digging in the dirt just does something for me!

  90. To stay creative I imagine my own short stories while having my morning coffee and on the way to work. I often incorporate the people I see into my stories.

  91. I take alot of pictures of different things. Everywhere you turn there is a picture waiting to be taken.

  92. I do a lot of reading to stay creative. It’s amazing how an idea from a book or a magazine will make me go off on a spurt of writing, baking or crafting!

  93. I stay creative by exploring new things online, experimenting with crafts, and finding solutions for problems in these tough times

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