The Full “Hold Your Head High Gorgeous”

So hold your head high gorgeous,
People would kill to see you fall,
In the dead of the night they can’t hear you screaming
You swear revenge, against them all.

So stay strong beautiful,
It won’t matter it they think less of you here,
But you cry by the window when wishes in moonlight don’t come true
Doesn’t mean you have to fear.

So never take the words he said to heart darling,
He has no idea what he meant,
To you it meant a life time,
To him, a lie worth less than a cent.

So don’t drown yourself in what you call medicine honey,
It will only do you harm,
because you never got drunk enough to get him off your mind.

So don’t believe you will never amount to anything sweetie,
You truly have no idea what your worth,
I see what you’re trying to hide from me,
I understand how much you’re hurt.

So don’t be afraid to crumble love,
Have you even forgotten who you are?
You walk around thinking you aren’t beautiful,
The truth could never have been more far…

So when you forget about him,
Don’t regret the pain you felt,
It’ll only make you better
And you’ll know how to play the hand you’re dealt.

So Hold you head high gorgeous,
Show the world your fine,
Don’t give in to the heartache,
Because People would kill to see you fall…

Author Unknown

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  1. OMG I had never seen this whole thing – I LOVE it!! Thats AWESOME! I’ve had the first line up on my wall for ages!

  2. Wow! I wish I knew who wrote this! that is amazing! I will def be holding my head high, even when I feel anything BUT gorgeous! LOL

  3. i can definately relate to this piece after eight years in a screwed relationship. 🙁

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