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Mommy Jenna

The first Post!

So alot of my LuvBugs have started blogs-soooo I’m jumping on the Band Wagon haha. Well for those who don’t know my name is Jenna and I live in Ames, Iowa. I have a beautiful daughter Kelsie Heather Marie who is celebrating her first birthday February 3rd! 🙂 It’s been an amazing year and everyday she amazes me more and more.
We also found out we are expecting another child! Steven and I are excited for our family to grow. We found out our baby will be due Sept. 10, 2008. My grandfather’s birthday is Sept. 8th so he is definitely excited as well!

So that’s what I have for you all now!

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  1. YAY for another new blog. I’ll start mine if I ever think of a creative name!!

    Lots of love!

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