Ten On Tuesday-10 Great Things that Happened This Summer

This is my first Ten on Tuesday post!
10 Great Things That Happened This Summer
1. Aubrey was born 🙂
2. Steven’s dad and Amy came and visited from Florida
3. Kelsie experienced the pool for the first time and had lots of fun going.
4. We had lots of fun grilling out with friends and going to the park with my mom and little brothers.
5. Shawn Johnson-Our Iowan Olympian–Need I say more?
6.I was officially accepted into Iowa State University-Go Cyclones!
7. For the Love of Baby! got our very own custom domain! (www.loveofbabyonline.com)
8.Got a new car (The Intrepid is on its final days!)
9. I’ve met alot of great and awesome people blogging!
10. Steven and I got MARRIED!

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