Teaching Kids to Save with Ekomini

When I was a little girl, I remember how exciting it was to save money. We’d load up my piggy bank, take it to the actual bank, and there were prizes for how much money you saved. It was exciting and a fun way to learn. I remember doing everything I could to get extra allowance just so I could head off to the bank.

Teaching Kids to Save with Ekomini 1Sometimes though, technology gives us the opportunity to do so much more and thanks to Ekomini, we can now teach our children all about saving money with this interactive piggy bank right from your own home! This unique money box can be plugged into your computer and allows parents to teach children how to track their savings.

Kids can then go online to Ekominiville where they can learn more about savings, how to plan ahead for making purchases, as well as donating money and investing! Ekomini offers a fun way that is sure to keep kids excited about saving!

Parents are also able to track their children’s learning with a unique yet secure Interface. You can see what goals your son or daughter are working to set for themselves financially as well as the chance to see what games your children are checking out in helping them learn

The Ekomini Interactive Money Box is Recommended for Children Ages 6-12 and is available for purchase for $39.99!

When ordering from Ekomini.com, you will receive a Free Wallet as well as Free Shipping!

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