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Taking your Child to the Dentist for the Very First Time

So as some of you know from reading previous posts, Kelsie had her very first dentist’s appointment this past week. While alot of people are saying that I took her at an extremely young age, I’m actually behind on what the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends. They have the little saying posted pretty much everywhere I have seen, “First Visit by First Birthday.”

Now in the process of taking Kelsie to the dentist, my grandma gave me a hard time and actually said she had heard on the radio “Just the other day” that you shouldn’t take your kids to the dentist until they are SEVEN! WHAT?!?! So of course I already knew I was doing the right thing by taking her but I had to do some research myself just to set my mind at ease.

Kelsie of course was nervous and fought a bit about having her mouth looked at by a stranger but her dentist was INCREDIBLE (I was able to find a Pediatric Dentist here in Ames) We got in, saw that her teeth were doing awesome, and then just discussed the teeth that are coming in, hygiene, etc. and made the plan for the next visit in six months.

If you are wondering about getting your child into the dentist for their first visit, I completely understand the nervousness! But I was able to find this awesome resource, Dental Care for Your Baby, that I will hope ease some worries and then it’s on the AAPD website, where you can search for Pediatric Dentist Office in your area.

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