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Take Care of Back to School Essentials with Amazon

Thanks to Amazon for sponsoring this post.

Let’s face it, being a parent gets busy! When I am looking for ways to save time and money, I’m always excited to check for deals online. As many kids head Back to School, Amazon has got busy moms like me covered with the Amazon Back-to-School section so you can get your shopping done without leaving the house!

Back-to-School shopping can get chaotic fast. Between appointments, insane weather, and other demands, shopping on Amazon has made it easier for me to comparison shop to find the greatest deals on school supplies and so much more. When you have twins together on top of other siblings, it’s no surprise that supplies can start getting pretty long. I love having the ability to take advantage of my Amazon Prime deals to get my children not only school supplies, but clothing and more while shopping Amazon’s Back to School Essentials Page.

Check out some of the great time-savers I have found for those last minute Back-to-School items!

Bulk Snacks

All of my children in Elementary school get some freedom with their snack options during school. The twins were pretty blown away that they were given the ability to choose their own snack for the day. A great way we have fun with this is by stocking up on a variety of snacks in bulk. Each week, I fill a bag with different options so each day they can pick out which they want for the day. An easy go-to I like to stock up on is buying things like this 36 Count Box of Cheez-It Crackers. It’s also the perfect option for keeping our own pantry snack area stocked.

The kids love having a way to pick out options and it’s a great way to know you have it on hand!

Ticonderoga Pencils

When school supply lists come out here, they specifically ask for Ticonderoga Pencils. Sure enough, I can see why. I make sure to have our own school supply stock here at home so the kids have them available for any work they need to do here at home. Sure enough, Amazon saves money and time by the options they have for buying Ticonderoga Pencils. Amazon offers several quantity options so you can pick the right amount for your family when it comes time to send pencils to school! These pencils really do seem to last forever when it comes to those busy hands working away!

Adidas Athletic Pullover Hoodies

Iowa weather can be unpredictable and vary greatly as the day goes on. To keep the twins warm during the chilly morning recess, having a hoodie is a MUST. Lucas and Nathan definitely love being show-offs a bit so it is no surprise they love getting ready for school and dressing in bright colors they love. These Adidas Pullover Hoodies are perfect for all ages and Amazon has you covered with a variety of colors for everyone on your shopping lists.

Quartet Dry Erase Markers

Being a Mom means busy around the clock sometimes. We are busy with school activities, appointments like speech therapy, and all those special dates. One thing to help make things easier for me is when we color coordinate to stay organized.  Keeping notes is a must for me and I love being able to use dry erase markers to organize our schedules by colors. It easily helps separate a busy day with multiple appointments so nothing gets overlooked.

It saves so much time when I can look for a specific color to know what needs taken care of or I can label lists in our family command center based on colors. The kids love seeing the colors as well.

Lysol Wipes

The joys of school in session means dealing with messes and unfortunately germs. When life is always on the move, being able to clean in a hurry is a must. Lysol Wipes have several different options but the Dual Action Wipes help scrub away the messes double trouble twins can cause. So while I send off wipes for the kids’ classrooms, I also know how handy they are for my own busy home.

These are just some of the awesome things in the Amazon Back to School Essentials that help you find the products that work awesome for your family and saves time and money in your already busy life!

What are your favorite Back to School Essentials to check out on Amazon.com?


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