And the Baby Gender Verdict is….

And the Baby Gender Verdict is.... 4

After first hearing that we had no guarantee that we’d be seeing the babies genders and the ultrasound tech telling us she would try her best, the VERY FIRST image that greeted us on the screen was…. Well, we know one boy is not embarrassed to show his stuff. We have another shot as well […]

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So, is it boys or is it girls?

So, is it boys or is it girls? 6

Tomorrow, we are set to have our big ultrasound. We will officially be 21 weeks, 3 days. I am nervous. This is the longest I’ve had to wait for this ultrasound and well, with two sets of arms and two sets of legs, I really hope they can actually get a good shot 😉 If […]

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Boys or Girls?

Boys or Girls? 8

It is hard for me to believe I am almost 8 weeks pregnant. Of course, in a few weeks it will turn to, are we there yet? In a few weeks, I plan to take a gender prediction test before we have the ultimate ultrasound showing what babies are. But to have some fun, I […]

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Is this real?

Is this real? 10

Hi members of Lily-pad. Be sure to leave a comment.   I am still in shell shock. If you by chance saw our Wordless Wednesday, we received big news on Tuesday. TWINS. Now to give an idea, I stopped taking birth control last August because of the health issues and I just figured, I’d rather […]

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