Survive Winter with Kungs Products

Survive Winter with Kungs Products 1

This Winter, we’ve been a bit spoiled in Iowa. Now that snow has hit the ground, it seems to be hitting our area hard. A snow storm is expected this weekend and many of us are preparing for our trips out in the car. I’m lucky that this year, I have a vehicle with four-wheel drive.

Of course, as someone who has lived in Iowa my entire life, the winter weather is something I’m always prepared for, whether I like it or not. Fresh snowfall, wind-chilled cheeks, and abundant layers of clothing are a natural part of winter. With at least six months of winter per year, the countries of the North embrace the cold months with enthusiasm—and they could teach us a thing or two about surviving winter.

I recently partnered with Kungs-a Finnish producer of premium snow brushes and ice scrapers that are tested in the harshest Arctic conditions— to help spread the word on the exciting launch of these new products in the U.S., just in time for winter. Kungs products can be found at your local Sears Auto Center!Survive Winter with Kungs Products 2

Made in a country with some of the severest winters on the planet, Kungs products combine Scandinavian design and ergonomics with the innovation, durability, and multi-functionality to handle anything winter throws at drivers.

Some quick facts about what separates Kungs snow brushes and ice scrapers from the alternatives:

  • Kungs is the market leader in Northern Europe for winter car care accessories.
  • Kungs products are designed, tested, and manufactured in extreme Finnish weather conditions—including testing in sub-zero temperatures and UV radiation!
  • All Kungs products come with a three-year warranty (which is unheard of in this category).
  • Kungs is environmentally friendly—using up to 17 different recycling methods for all waste generated during production. (This is so surprise, since Finland has been recognized as the greenest country in the world.)
  • Kungs products are PVC-free and made of 100% polycarbonate.
  • Year after year, Kungs has won awards in third-party tests across Europe (including most recently in Germany).Survive Winter with Kungs Products 3

Many of us complain about winter and wish it would end sooner. But as the folks in Northern Europe know better than any of us, winter is a special season that can be thoroughly enjoyed—if you make the appropriate preparations. With my Kungs snow brushes and ice scrapers—multiple layers of clothing and heated seats!—I’m ready for an adventurous winter on the road!

How do you survive the winter season? Tell me in the comments below!

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